My great grandmother

by Alyssa
(USA )

Im Alyssa. Im 12 years old. Me and my great grandma shared a birthday! I would paint rocks for her and give her paintings that i had mad. I loved her and she always called me "my birthday girl". yet it has been 4 years since she had passed but this birthday witch was June 12 it really hit me. I cant sleep at night anymore. I have my cat with me all the time now. But my cat is 18 or 19 in human years and he will pass away to soon. My cat seems to no longer help with my depression and cry my self to sleep every night since june 13. She passed when she was 91 at a good age. my friends say
"just remember the good things! But that's what is causing me to cry! I also cant talk about her without breaking down into tears. I also got supper angry this year and more irritable. All because I cant break down and cry in public. i dont know what to do! :(

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Aug 04, 2014
by: Alyssa

I will take both of you're sayings into effect soon. But thanks for the kind words. I feel a bit better thanks to you two. -Alyssa

Aug 03, 2014
My great grandmother
by: Jane

Dear Alyssa,
your grandma is still in your heart,
your love will never get appart,
draw still picutres for her every day,
be sure, she can see them, very well.
She is your angel now on your side,
but her death, sick body, she had left behind.
She can hear all what you think and say,
maybe Alyssa, you will start to pray.
If you don´t know what, just pray "Our Father",
He is helping you and also your loving grandmother.
And one day you are going to see her again,
just let your eyes crying like loving rain.
Your grandma keeps all your tears like pearls,
and all your tears are going to get you healed.
Your grandma is so proud of you,
she loves you too and that's for sure.
She has got a new place now to live further in your heart,
your love binds you together, nothing get´s this great love apart.
Just keep the memories in your heart and in your mind,
she will find this very kind.
May God bless you every day,
he is always with you, on your way.
He loves you, because he is the heavenly father,
and He takes care now of your dear grandmother.

Take care of your self and may God bless you. I send you a real big hug from Germany. Jane

Aug 02, 2014
My great grandmother
by: Doreen UK

Alyssa You are still so young at 12yrs. to be expecting too much of yourself.
Even if it has been 4yrs. since you lost your great grandmother you were 8yrs. at the time and would not have known how to grieve. As you get older you mature and your mind set and thinking changes and you are more ready now to grieve as memories and anniversaries appear. You can either speak to a grief or school counsellor or any responsible adult caring for you now. Your great grandmother did reach a good age and was ready to die. It is human nature to want more and have our loved one's around with us forever. You will need to take time to grieve now and start taking one day at a time. Cry when you need to and don't worry if no one understands how you feel or thinking that you should be over it. The healing from grief can take many years to recover from.

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