My greatest friend Zoey

by Kelly

since adopting her from the animal shelter back in January 1998 she is been by my side through so many milestones in life to see me get married have my first child graduates from college and find my first job. She was at my side as I struggled through postpartum depression. She was a constant joy to come home to. She patiently waited at the door day after day. Age did begin to take its toll on her it started with cataracts and arthritis. But in June 2014 she was diagnosed with canine cognitive disorder. Which is basically doggy dementia. She would Circle all day long and all night. In the span 12 months her weight dropped 12 pounds. I tried medications and hand force feeding her. Finally on October 29 2014 I found her stuck in her water bowl and looking extremely anemic. I took her to the vet and sat with her for an hour before I could get myself to do what the vets had been suggesting - her quality of life was declining- she didn't even know me- her mind was in a cloud, lost and confused. How could I be the one to end that beautiful heart and loose the one constant friend I have had the last 16 years - no family has been at my side to witness these big parts of my life- her unconditional love has been the one thing that has gotten me through! My kids grew up with her. My heart is still so broken. I can't even bring myself to put her ashes in the locket I bought. The pain can feel unbearable. I do believe she sent an Angel to visit me that day- a border collie showed up in my yard and stood there as I tearfully walked to my door- we locked eyes and then he walked away. I truly believe I was sent a message that zoey is ok and pain free.

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Dec 02, 2014
Thank you
by: Kelly

Thank you so much for your comforting words! Matters so much too me- if I have learned it's grief comes in waves and having people praying for you is such a comfort

Dec 02, 2014
My greatest friend Zoey
by: Doreen UK

Kelly I am so sorry for your loss of Zoey. What a precious relationship you had with Zoey, that makes life unbearable just now. Grieve your loss and then give your life to another dog realizing that you were blessed, and you can be blessed again in a different way by giving and receiving love from another dog.
That Collie that graced your presence in your yard was such a precious moment for you.
When my husband was dying of cancer. We were sent a most beautiful white fan tailed pigeon who stayed with us for just over 4yrs. The 3yrs. cancer journey, and for the first year of grieving my loss. What bird stays around for 4yrs. and comes to my yard for over 4yrs. This was my angel. He has gone now and I miss him. But he had a purpose and he fulfilled that mission of comfort to me and my family. Now I am left many white feather's which is also a symbol of an angel presence. Take hold of the lovely people and pets sent to us to make our lives better. Don't resist future happiness.

Nov 25, 2014
by: Lynn

Bless you and please know I understand your pain. They are our children too! Please know I will be praying for God to heal your heart -- but it is OK to grieve for Zoey -- but you did what you had to do because you loved her! Sending you love, prayers and many hugs!!!

P.S. When your heart heals -- Zoey would want you to bless another baby by loving and caring for it the way you did her. Hugs...................

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