by lalitha
(secunderabad India)

My brother was 42 years old when he died. his death was so sudden and we are still not able to cope from the shock.Myself and my 2 younger brother were very close to each other . i was suffering from breast cancer and had it operated last year and i thought that the worst was over. But on the fateful morning i got a call from my brother that he was feeling dizzy while on the way to his place of work and had to return home half way. i thought that it had to do with the sleepless night he had the previous day.But whoever knew that fate had decided another way .The next day he had an heart attack and was too late for anything to be done. Nowadays I have become very philosophical and do not feeling like talking to anyone.Especially his family.I KNOW IT IS A GREAT LOSS FOR THEM ALSO. But he is my brother and they do not seem to miss him as much as i miss him.They only wanted his money and they got all the compensations .But for me my loss cannot be compensated.


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Dec 18, 2012
My Greatest Loss in Life
by: Doreen U.K.

Lalitha I am sorry for your loss of your brother to a sudden death of heart attack. It is normal for you to not feel like talking. You are grieving and everyone handles this differently. Families change after a Death. Behaviour arises that shock you and you wouldn't think possible from people you have known, and suddenly CHANGE. It happens to many families. MONEY is also a very large factor in most families. WILLS. Who gets what? Who is left out? Jealousy, hatred, anger, hostility all come into play and tear families apart. COMPENSATION is another factor that will cause people to hate. But Life has taught me BOUNDARIES. Don't volunteer information to anyone. Keep your business private. Be carefull, and watch out for yourself otherwise people can even steal from you. They can even damage your belongings.
We are living in a sinfull world and people can become Evil and bitter. It is a fact of life which is why we all have to be watchfull for our SURVIVAL. Do Good. Say Less. Be Loving. This is what will get us through our grief. Unfortunately people can become Greedy and want more and more. Human nature dicatates this. I have been a victim of this. I have had to stay away from my husband's relatives because they have always tried to get my husband to marry who they wanted. But I maintained RESPECT and I have kept my Integrity intact. This is all we can do. Some people are good to have in our life. Others not. You will have to decide who you keep and who you move away from. It is hard building a new life. Look out for the two brothers you have left and try to stay close.
I hope that you stay Cancer Free and that you will go on in life to have good Health and that your cancer won't come back and you will find your way back into having a Happy Life again.

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