My greatest love and best friend rest in peace

GOODBYE MY GREATEST LOVE Dec 21st 2013 I sit here in the dark of the night and reflect the last 13 months of caring for the the love of my life of 40 years. When we learned of his illness we both made a decsion on not to do surgery he wanted to give me a goood time he had left with lots of memories, the good lord had granted my wish and gave me 13 months of old time stories and make close memories we both will cherish. Many people have come into our lives and have had a idea of how things wil go and how they came to know us, some have gone the distance some have fall behind thinking we were being selfish by making it our day each day to our liking, They seem not to uderstand that this time was for me and jerry to reflect our wishes to each other , we both truly enjoy . best memory that comes to mind is the Paducah ky trip We went to Olive Garden for our 40 th wedding annversity, well we had fun that day and i know my hubby was fighting that he didnt real feel all that great, but we wanted to make it special , Well the Olive Garden employees made it special buy not letting us pay for our dinner, We were shocked and delighted at the same time. we stood and i thanks all employees and the manger personally and wrote the company how please we were for this honor, It made our day and week, there are nice people still alive and well in the world, God bless the Olive garden. Then we went on each day thanking each other when we wake to enjoy the days and hours we had, some were trying some were upsetting but we made a pack to always to make it right before bed. Never go to sleep on an angry stomach or at your only true love, tomm is always another day of love and hope and memories, I guess we were luckier then most we had time to have each other held close each day and whisper our secret love to each other, well it been a rough day he had another mild stroke today and he reading Charlie Brown Christmas books, and enjoy them like a small child enjoy Christmas morning, I watch as his body is taking him farther away from me each hours, I am ready I guess lord (but is anyone really ready,) Hopefully this past months will keep me from going to far away in my brain I know granny is here and taking him to cross over soon, Jerry always says he my guardian Angels, He will watch over me and help me when my time comes, I think his time is best not knowing everything I believe our body put us in a mode of tolerance so we wont fight going home,. This man is the strong type and a perfection and willing to help his fellow man He said Marines Always help each other and never leave a solder behind who needs help, Well my little soldier you may go with my blessing and please leave a sign your got to the other side of the star of happiness and is watching me, I know the days ahead will be hard but with god help my body to except this step in my life , He wants me to be happy and free and see the world and enjoy each day to the fullest dont become a bitter person, Let out my angry and feeling to cry when he hears me he will come sit beside me and whisper our sweet love to me , Remember he says when the wind blows gently on my face this is him, When a nice day comes and i see the beauty of the day he is there, when i sleep he will come in my dreams to let me know he watching me. Keep a lite burning in my honor till we meet again . Please cry for me and get my soul to recognize it ok to let you go, tears are ways to let the soul and mind know things have changed and will be reborn a new person with same love for him always,I will look up at the stars at night wonder which one you are sitting next to and can you really ride a rain drop or sit on a rainbow, I know you like to fly like an Eagle, I will remember you are only a breath away from where I am and I will live and enjoy the day like we planned and know your waiting to walk me home when i feel like it my time. With all my love and greatest love your wonderful lovely wife Jeannie

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Jul 04, 2014
KInd words from a distance friend
by: Jeannie

Doreen Thank you for those kind words I hope life is giving you peace and rest between griefing, go out and rest in nature let the wind and the sounds of nature confort you, My husband spirit is always there even on my worse days , Let good people help you and have god with you always cause without him you wont see your beloved again some day, God bless you and keep you safe this holiday season Jeannie USA

Jul 02, 2014
My greatest love and best friend rest in peace
by: Doreen UK

Jeanie I am sorry for your loss of your husband Jerry of 40yrs. It is not easy laying your beloved to rest after spending 40yrs. together. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 2yrs. ago. I nursed him for over 3yrs.39days with a rare and terminal cancer.
You had a beautiful love story going on with Jerry and you treated him with dignity and respect. You cared for him and made his last days the best you could. You engaged in memories and created normal life for him each day. You bathed your sorrow with Love and kindness towards the man you loved and lost. I hope life will be kind to you as you live out your remaining years with dignity and wisdom. May God come close to you and comfort you with His Peace.

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