My Guardian Angel

by Brittany Bruce
(Hosford, FL)

My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

I lost my mother on April 14, 2013 due to a massive heart attack. My boyfriend and I found her, and I tried to resuscitate her, but I was already too late. She had previously had two minor heart failures. The first time her heart failed my father found her, I immediately began CPR and was able to reach a pulse and keep her heart beating until the ambulance arrived. They then flew her to the nearest hospital and put her into a medically induced coma. Three days later she woke up and couldn't remember anything or anyone other than me. She came home soon after and slowly starting regaining her memory she had lost. Doctors said if I had not have performed CPR, she would not have made it. I had never been trained for CPR and somehow I did it perfectly. God was with us. A few months later we went on a family vacation, while driving my boyfriend lost control of the wheel and hit a pine tree at 65 mph. My mother's head hit the back glass and knocked her unconscious. We were 20 miles from cell phone service, or civilization, and in a totaled Chevrolet. We drove the truck to the closest EMS station while I was in the back seat performing mouth to mouth the whole way. She returned to the hospital, but was later released that night without any sort of pacemaker. A couple months went by and things began to seem like they were getting better. The night of April 13, 2013, we had family night. The next morning I woke to find my mother face-down in her bed not breathing. I rolled her over and saw she was blue in the face and had a blank stare, I had seen a similar look the first two times, but this time it was different. Again, I called 911 and performed CPR until they arrived. They loaded her into the ambulance and took her to a hospital in the next county over, a very small hospital. I knew something was wrong when the ambulance didn't turn their lights and sirens on. When we arrived, my mother was already pronounced dead. I was able to say goodnight to my her and tell her I love her the night before, but never goodbye. I am seventeen years old and she was only fourty years young. We had struggles with our relationship due to jealousy of my father for most of my life. Until the suicide of my first love who was only seventeen when he shot himself. He was part of our family. My mother and I became closer after losing him, and the two times I was able to save her brought us even CLOSER. I told her my every secret, she stayed real and took each one to the grave. I regret the time I spent not appreciating my mother and all she did for me. I am an only child, and my father has now left me to live with another woman who he began a relationship only a week after my mother passed. Each day she shows me signs that she is still here with me. Signs that only I would see or understand. I'm strong, but this life is nothing without her. I do not have any other family, and my friends now live too far from me. Our landlord took everything we own because we fell behind on rent. I lost all of my mom's possessions, furniture, photos, etc.. My dad wrecked my truck that my mother bought me for my sixteenth birthday. I have nothing, but my faith in God and that she has reached Heaven with my lost boyfriend to guide me through life and protect me on each journey. To all of you going through hard times, stay strong and know that if you can make it through the night there is a better day. It's what hasn't killed me that has made me the strong woman that I am today. Keep your heads to the sky and know that your loved ones are looking down on you smiling. Pay attention to the signs and keep your memories close to your heart. Angels are all around you. I love you to infinity and beyond, Mama. Rest in paradise. -Brittany Logan

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Jul 09, 2013
by: silver

My situation is similar to yours in some respects.My mother died of heart failure brought on by a blood clot. My dad had died 7 months earlier and mom had just given up.She sat,slept and ate.She only got out of a chair to go to the bathroom or if someone could get her to go out for a little bit.My youngest son and other grandchildren were with her when she dropped over dead.One of my nephews did CPR until the ambulance came.I was on the way to my husbands chemo treatment when I got the word.I couldn't go right away and when I got to the hospital,I KNEW WHEN THE DR CAME IN that she had died.Nothing prepares you for those words.I lost it for awhile.I also believe she is one of GOD's angels and is waiting to meet me when I go to HIS kingdom.I also thank GOD HE took her before her dementia got so bad she would require 24/7 watch and personal care.She was able to stay in her home until it was her time to go.In a way,I'm thankful I wasn't there because,even though I'm a nurse,I wonder if I would have gone into nurse mode and done CPR or would I have frozen and panicked.I loved her so much.We were very close since I became an adult.I know I am blessed to have had my mother around until I was 60.I thank GOD for that.I love you mom and miss you every day.I look forward to the day when I can hold you again.GOD send you strength and peace.I keep all of us in my prayers.

Jul 09, 2013
My Guardian Angel
by: Doreen U.K.

Brittany you are a remarkable young woman. So very mature for your age. It is hard going through life with no family to support you. But knowing God as you do will help you go through life. Just don't ever give up on God. He is all we have in life. He gave us life and he took it back to himself. When your mother next wakes up it will be to see the face of Jesus welcoming her back into life. She will have a perfect body and you will be reunited with her again.
Unfortunately we have to live on earth and carry on living in a cruel and harsh world. But we don't do it alone. Many trials and sorrows we will go through but we will come through this with God's help and sustaining power. I hope you will one day marry and have children and find fulfilment in carrying on the cycle of life. Death will come to all of us but God says. "Don't sorrow as those who have no HOPE. I hope you will be Blessed in Life and be happy again. Best Wishes.

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