My Handsome son Jeremy

by Debbie
(Bham al.)

Jeremy had a heart bigger than anyone.He loved his family and friends.Jeremy came by to see me the night before my husband and I were going on vacation.Jeremy sat outside on the stairs with me.He said Moma I have a song for you that reminds me of us ,its called (Running moma crazy by plezz),so jeremy played me the song.He had been drinking a little he lived 3 blocks over at the aparments with his friends. As Jeremy was leaving the house I said I love you son,please go home,he did then went back out with some friends later that night. The next morning was sunday. I woke up,looked at my cell phone Jeremy had left me a text message saying,Im sorry for being a bad son, I love joseph and you, you raised me right.I called him back about 9 am, he didnt answer his phone, so I thought he probably went on to bed, he had been up all night clubbing with friends. About 15 minutes later the door bell rang,I thought who could that be this early on a sunday morning. I opened the door it was 2 police officers and a detective. My first thought was jeremy must had got into trouble. The detective asked if my name was debbie,I said yes, and do you have a son named Jeremy.I said yes, why? She said I dont know any other way of saying this so i will tell you (Jeremy shot himself this morning about 6:20)I said is he ok,they say no He Died. My world just ended!! Not my son ,not my jeremy!It will be coming up on a year june 27,He just had a birthday in may ,he was 26 years old.It seems like yesterday when my son left this world to be with Jesus.I know he is in heaven,I dont know how parents cope.I cant,it only gets worse.Please God give me strength,Im losing mine,I just want to be with my son!!

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Jun 04, 2011
My Sweet Jenepaul
by: Anonymous

On May 25th 8 days ago at 5:40pm my 27 year old son shot himself in the head. I woke up with several mesg on my voicemail. When I checked I got a recording that it was the King Co Medical Examiner, and press 1 for assitance. They told me My son had shot himself the night before and his body was their. He had just turned 27 on Mothers day May 8th, he was my youngest son. Myself along with my family are broken, over the last year he had made several attempts, but would not get help that was offered to him. He would leave mesg on my phone in the middle of the night along with his little sisters over the last year saying he had taken pills and would be dead soon. We would call and try to talk to him about getting help, but he would not answer nor get help. Then a day or so later we would see him on Fb posting pics of a night of partying. I live several hours away from him and the last few months I had know clue where he was. I would call the police, but never had enough info for them to do much.

May 28, 2011
My Handsome Son Jeremy
by: Brenda Richison

July 8th,2004 is when I lost {My Son},26 yrs old, Clayton "Chunk" Richison.It was 4 a.m., on his front porch that he shot himself with a 9mm to the head. No note was left. No answers to the many, many, times I've asked "WHY?". Only him and God know that answer. He left behind a wife and 2 little daughters that he adored. And a grieving Mother who wanted to give up and die also, so I could be with him...But I'm here to see the 7th anniversary of his death coming up soon. I'm on strong medication for Depression,go to group therapy 3 times a wk., have my own Psychiatrist I see every 2 wks. and I am faithfully writing and reading this website.You have a long, hard road to travel, but one day you'll feel a difference. It does get easier. Not ever gone, but easier to continue living.You'll find reasons of your own to go on.I tried suicide 3 times until I realized I had 2 other boys and 5 grandchildren and Mother to live for, that needed me.You can read my stories titled "My Son", Clayton "CHUNK" Richison and "Danny, The Love of My Life".It's been 15 yrs. since Danny shot himself in front of me.I've known and felt every emotion known to man! But, I'm a survivor and they wouldn't have wanted to see me in the shape I was in. So, now I have a counsler, Physiciatrist, go to group 3 days a wk., and stay faithful to this website. If it would help, here is my feel free to email me.I check it daily. May God bless you and help you through this sorrow to be strong. Brenda Richison

May 27, 2011
so sorry
by: Shirley

I'm so sorry Debbie. It's horrible to lose a son isn't it? My son was diagnosed with leukemia one year ago tomorrow. He died 10 weeks later. He was only 23 and spent that birthday in the hospital while undergoing chemo. It has been the saddest year for me and I'm sure it has for you too. I go to my Compassionate Friend's meetings every month and that is very helpful but overall I feel like crap 24/7. Sending hugs to you.
Shirley in California

May 27, 2011
Losing a Son
by: Anonymous

I lost my son 9-20-2010 he hanged himself he was 36 yrs. old. I miss him with every heartbeat, every breathe. I know he found the peace in heaven he couldn't find here on earth. I pray everyday for God to give me strength & keep me going. I don't know if it will ever get any easier seems like the more the time that goes by the harder it gets on top of that the family is at each others throats. Seems some family member are trying to demand the others including myself need to move on and live for the living. I am barely living never mind try to move on. I have come to the conclusion only a mother knows this kind of pain.Please try to stay strong, come here and talk to us, we are in this horrible club together

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