My Heart and Soul My One & Only Love

by Nancy
(San Dimas Ca )

November 29 th 2011 was the the beginning of the hardest journey of my life. I was at work & got a call that my father was taken to the hospital by ambulance and quite critical. I immediatley called my husband who told me just go I will go if you want me to just come pick me up. I had to finish a few things at work before I could go to my dads since I was about halfway between my Dads & home I called my husband & told him I was just going to leave from work & go he told me to be careful & call him when I got there. When I was talking to my husband on the phone he sounded funny to me I asked what was wrong, he said I was working on the car & must have pulled a muscle in my back. I told him to take a hot shower that would help, he replied I will just wait until you get home. After I hung up the phone I had an overwhelming feeling something wasn't right, so I went home after calling my step mom to tell her I would be late. When I got home my husband was sitting in a chair and looked like he was not feeling well. He took a shower and said I'm going to lay down for a while. About 10 minutes later he came out & wanted to go to the hospital. He had a massive heart attack, but pulled out, had heart cath & stent, was released on December the 5th after signing out of the hospital AMA, because I would not leave his side to go see my dad. The next mornign we drove to my dads house he died 3 hours later. Then we received a call from our doctor to tell us my husband had a suspicious lung lesion found when he had an xray done in the ER. My life changed completely in just seconds. Sad to say he fought so hard and went through so much 56 radiation treatments, 18 rounds of chemotherapy which I knew he was doing for me, and lost the battle on January 18 th 2013. We were just kids when we fell in love got married at 18, everyone said we would never make it, March 23rd would have been 39 years. I miss him so much I dont know if my heart will ever heal. It hurts every minute of every day.

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Mar 08, 2013
I share your sadness
by: Anthony

Life sucks when these things happen and we wonder what it's all about - especially when we are childhood lovers.

I emphathize with you on what happened as its about the same with Constance and I - childhood sweethearts and they all said we would not make it...l we did, until God called her home last year - had bast cancer - it w resolved, we were so happy, and hardly a year later, came down with NSCLC lung and she left for he afterlife,

I tune in to her daily during meditation in the morning and spend time during the day chatting with her - I might tear up once in a while, but, I believe she is there in spirit chatting with me - it helps with the grief. Give it a try.

The website Prayer Waves has been an place of solace too, look it up and see if it helps .

Mar 08, 2013
My Heart and Soul My One & Only Love
by: Doreen U.K.

Nancy I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad and then your husband. This is such a difficult time for you to lose the two most important people in your life so soon to each other.
My Dad is 91yrs. and not expected to live long. I will be sad but will expect this. But my beloved husband I lost 10 months ago on 5th May 2012 from a deadly lung cancer caused by working with asbestos. My husband's cancer was incurable and inoperable. So he didn't have a chance. It was a very long painful cancer journey where I nursed him for 3yrs.39days. My Wedding Anniversary is a day after yours 24th March. We would have celebrated 45yrs. We would have been enjoying my husband's retirement. He died too soon. I will be thinking of you on 23rd March and I will say a prayer for your comfort. Our hearts will hurt for a very long time. Steve was my first love and he will be my last love. My world began and ended with Him. This is the very worst experience we could go through losing our husband's. You may benefit from grief counselling so that you can grief both deaths separately and not focus on one and store up the other for later. Grief is the hardest road we will travel on this earth. It tears at our very soul and leaves us broken. May God comfort you in the days and months ahead and hopefully you will be able to live again with the Peace and loving memories we both have to relate to in our grief journey.

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