My heart is broken

by Danny Lisowe
(London ky)

Yesterday our beloved female dauschund little Ann died she was 11 years and 3 months old she died from onset diabetes as a result of a ear hematoma she had surgery to drain blood from.a broken vessel a simple procedure destroyed our world. She started acting a little sick so we took her back to the vet (I wish I had not) he gave her a prednisone and b 12 shot the steroid woke up a diabetic monster that lied dormant inside setting off a chain reaction of high glucose and liver problems another vet started helping us get glucose level under control by finding right insulin unit range started too feel some hope but damage was already done she went into renal failure and died peacefully in the bed between me and my wife were she always loved. She was a blessing to me my wife and daughter by rights she should not lived as a puppy contracting canine parvovirus but I think God knew we needed her so with a lot of love and devotion from my wife she lived and gave us the best 11 years of our lives. We are going to miss her protecting bark every time she went outside.her feed me now mentality and most of all her ultrasonic high pitched whistle she had that got her what she wanted lol. Little Ann your daddy ,mommy,sister and your brother cooper(our other 13 year old dauschund ) are gonna miss you so much. We will never forget you. you are our precious little angel gaurdiing us from heaven we will love you forever and ever.

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Feb 13, 2017
I too lost my baby Pearl Girl Dachshund at 1:20am Saturday morning. She was 15 yrs 3mnths and 3 weeks. But still have a torn heart and ripped belly
by: Anonymous

Pearl girl was the sister of another dachshund mini long hair that was about 7 months apart Ruby passed away in July 2013 she was like 12 and a half she had actual liver problems at around five years old and I did as much as I could to maintain her daily until the day came when I got back from work and she was a little warm still so she must have just went to doggie heaven. However I had my Pearl girl to cry with that was definitely the hardest times of my life dealing with emotional spiritual and my physical being. Well I weep so hard that Pearl new Ruby was gone. So this time I try to really prolong Pearl and make sure I got her all of the nutrients Prebiotic probiotic paw therapy milk thistle dandelion root a lot of great holistic supplements and she lived a wonderful almost 16 and a half years. But you know even if I bargained and ask God and he allowed her to live another two years I still wouldn't be content because our love our passion just knowing that she is laying with me in my bed between my legs gave me everything I needed at the end of the day and let me tell you that breed of dog which I'm sure you're aware of are extremely clever plus they also I have an ability to hide a lot of there instincts fight or flight. You know it's well out of dogs have problems is because of the adrenaline gland whether it's pituitary non pituitary we're just adrenal gland continuing to grow it either starts up a nasty diabetes or kidney failure but she was right there she went on and I held on as long as I could with my baby and I was being selfish in the end she didn't eat a meal in 12 days however I was able to force feed her with peanut butter her medication and a tiny tiny tiny bit maybe you like three or four pieces of a treat daily and she had some Reservoir fat because of her eating a lot before she stopped that's why we knew it had something to do with that adrenal gland or some kind of Cushing's plus we had blood work done in August that showed a high calcium buildup. Me being so overprotective of her knew that it was it going to last forever and I did everything I could within my means anyway to keep her alive and I believe she got enough years together even though I don't believe it I'm in such denials so much anger so many tears in the worst part is. The daily routines and habits that we had together never can be replaced the first night without her I was just at the point where I didn't believe you could get to in being upset. I'm telling you I had plenty of relatives who passed away I had a lot of good friends that passed away the attachment and love Ruby and pearl gave me couldn't never ever be replaced they were both my soul dogs. And maybe a year from now I'll get another one I don't know yet it's way too early to know but I don't believe that I'll have that same soulmate feeling I think you only get one in your life with an animal as much as I love dogs especially the Dachshund breed it's hard to imagine loving one as much as I love my baby girls I'm 41 years old and I'm a male who left a toxic relationship 8 years ago and these dogs were my life before and after the split of my axe that's why she didn't even tried to fight me for them I took them both with me and she accepted it however I'm getting off the subject now it's letting me relax it's 6:57 a.m. and I haven't shut my eyes all night or day. So believe me there are fathers who care cry and have this sick pain that is Unthinkable inside their hearts I probably lost 2 pounds crying out water weight in two days. And I'll people say it will get better all that b******* but the reality is Ruby took me about 3 months to even be a little normal Pearl I think I was a little more attached to because she was with me when my other pop pop died and she helped me through it today I have myself because no one understands the pain because like one said before they will most people believe pets are Just Pets and I'll tell you I would kill someone for both of them but if it came down to heaven to kill for another human that I love I don't think I could do it so that's how much I loved my dogs. It's going to take a while but you're not the only one that is suffering from a soulmate pet loss. Thank you and good luck Southern New Jersey

Sep 04, 2016
Peace for little Ann
by: Kim

My heart breaks for you as you mourn the loss of your sweet little Ann. I am still grieving the loss of my sweet Max after putting him to sleep 6 weeks ago. Be assured that your heart will heal in time, What has helped my heart grow stronger over time is paying attention to the little signs and lessons that he left behind for me. As your grief gives way slowly to acceptance, you will start to feel the presence of your lost love in many different ways. Keep your heart open and know that you will be together again. My prayers to you and your wife as you go through this extremely painful time.


Aug 13, 2016
So sorry
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful dog! So sorry about her death. I lost mt 13 year old Pekingese/shih Tzu dog Arnie to heart failure 3 weeks ago. Hugs to you!!

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