My heavy heart................

by Pat Alblinger
(Danville Il.)

I am writing this because of my heavy heart. See Saturday my family had to say good-bye to our 4 year old goldie, Delilah.

Delilah was suffering from a condition call "Mega-esophagus", a enlarged esophagus. Never in our wildest dreams would we know that this would be a death sentence for De.

February of this year (2012) I noticed Delilah to be vomitting more than normal. Dumb me, I thought it had to do something with the change of dog food.

A trip to the animal E.R. and a x-ray showed the condition. So with help from Dr. Cooper, Dr. Adams and several hours on the internet the journey was on to save Delilah.

As March and April came and went the fight was on. There would be a string of good days (no hacking or vomitting, and keeping the food down) and there would be BAD days. The vomitting, hacking, pneumonia, the upright feedings and the sleepless nights staying up with her but the fight was still there.

May came and her condition continued to be on a down hill slide. See had loss approximately 35lbs and her once ever glowing copper coat is now dull and the sparkle in her eye is gone.

Saturday I came home from my youngest son's birthday party to find our Delilah laying in the middle of the kitchen floor with no life in her. Normally when her "Dad" came in the back door Delilah was there to greet me. Not this time. I had to help her up and outside. As she did so Delilah stumbled and almost fell. Delilah's once endless energy was gone.

Delilah made it to the back yard where she once played. Once there she laid down and turned to look back to me as to say "it's time". With this I contacted Dr. Cooper and asked if he could do what I and the family was dreading. Dr. Cooper advised he would assist and later stated he was dreading this time too. See Delilah left a impression on anyone she came in contact with.

Delilah's last ride was a good one. She loved to go for a ride and when I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride she got up and did a slow trot to the truck knowing it would be her last.

Once at the office I held my girl as the short time past as the vet did his thing. I whispered into her ear that I love her and I would miss her. I felt her last heart beat and with that she was gone as well as a void in my life.

My wife Jessi and I had already made a desicion to donate Delilah's body to the University of Illinois Vet School to study this condition hoping it will help someone elses love one so they could better understand this condition.

There is a lot of people to thank over the past 2 1/2 months. Dr. Cooper and Adams for there compassion and care, my family: Grandma Sally, Kathy, Jake and my mom, who was there with me during the last minuntes of Delilah's short four years, Matt Huber, who with little info and materials built the Bailey chair in a short amount of time and finally Jessi. During the who ordeal Jessi was a trooper trying to study for her last semster of nursing school and work through keeping a love one comfortable.

In the aftermath Jessi and I both agreed that we did all that we could do and have no regrets and would do it again if had to.

So writing this I know one day my baby girl and I will meet again and she will run up to me and sit beside her dad looking for me to give her praise and love on her side. But in the meantime I have to deal with the hurt. That's ok because I cherish the time had with her.

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Oct 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you. On October 1st, 2012, I lost my beloved lab, Chief, to the same disease. I hope that your lovely dog has finally found peace.

May 15, 2012
by: Debi M.

Pat - I am sorry for your loss of Delilah. The last will and testament of a pet is so true. I know your heart hurts - but know that Delilah knew how much she was loved during her short time on this earth. Peace to you.

Debi M.

May 15, 2012
by: Julia

Thank you for your Delilah story.

May your heavy heart become enlightened again.

I also recently lost my sweet dog, Abbey. It would be so wrong to tell you that heartbreaking story now, so I won't.

Instead, I simply thank you for submitting your lovely picture with poem,{ so true }. I hope one day I can have another sweet doggie. In the meantime, please know I have prayed for your De and you and your family.

I know that God hears and sees all. Blessings to you...KEEP THE FAITH !

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