my hero

by rissa
(watertown ct usa)

the day before he passed....

the day before he passed....

My grandfather died about 6 months ago on october 26th 2011..that was the day my nightmare began. My grandfather was a well known man in our town. I took up cooking and going to school for him because he was a chef in the navy for 8 years. After he got sick in august...I pushed myself to get through school to graduate to be with him. I got out of school exactly a week before he died, and lived with him to help take care of him. He had cancer for 6 weeks. The last 24 hours he was in the hospital..I stayed by his side the whole time besides when I went home with my grandmother to make sure she got some sleep. At 1pm Wednesday ..he took his last breath with my hand holding one of his, my grandmothers hand holding his other and me and my grandmother holding hands. There are so many memories and I can go on and on about him. The one word I can sum up everything...and the only word is hero. I always question myself when I start crying thinking is it normal to cry 6 months later? Why hasn't this pain stopped or this hole feel somewhat closed? Is there something wrong with me?

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May 29, 2012
You're not alone
by: Lisa

I just wanted to say that I understand how you feel. My grandfather died 11/1/2011 and I miss him more than words. Some days it feels like the pain will never go away, and I get tired of people telling me it does. Honestly I don't think you ever get past losing someone you love. I think we just learn how to go on, how to get out of bed every morning. I don't know if you're religious but I'll tell you what I tell myself...cling tight to the belief that you will see him again one day, when it's your time. And until then he will be up there watching over you.

May 25, 2012
My Hero
by: Mari

Hi Rissa. My heart goes out to you. The grieving process is different for everyone but 6 months is not a very long time. All we can do is take a day at a time and trust in the Lord for comfort. The important thing is you loved your grandpa and he loved you. That remains forever. You will meet again. You may always miss him but the important thing now is that you were there for him.
On May 22nt it was 2 1/2 yrs since my husband passed away. I miss him and the grandchildren miss him. The grandchildren knew who would give them spending money and buy them whatever their mother could not afford.My husband loved all my grandchildren. I really treasure a picture where we went through a huge storm to see a new grand baby and I have that pic of my husband holding the little guy who is now 22 yrs old. He loved me too. I always remember him saying ,''You're beautiful Honey.''I cry sometimes and then I feel the presence of God knowing he is with the Lord.
You have to grieve but time will help you. Take care. We are here for you.

May 25, 2012
Great guy
by: Sadly (Midwest)

Your grandfather sounds like he was a great guy... I am sure he is in heaven and that he is doing the things he enjoyed. Although you miss him, you will always have what he taught you inside of you... Keep his memory alive in your heart. Best

Apr 24, 2012
my hero
by: Mari

Risa. I am very sorry for your loss.What a wonderful grandfather he must have been to be so loved and you are a wonderful granddaughter. That picture touches my heart. The loved you shared will always be in your heart.
Someday you will see your grandfather again. And he will be healthy.What a glorious reunion in heaven that will be.In the meantime you will have the precious memories of your grandfather.
As for the grieving process 6 months is really not very long. It takes time and varies from person to person. Six months is not a long time and there is nothing wrong with you at all. Believe me it is very normal what you are feeling.
We are here for you whenever you want to say what is on your mind and heart. Take things a day at a time. And thank God for giving you such a wonderful grandfather.
My husband passed away 2 yrs and 5 months ago. I have gone on with my life and am doing well but memories come up. One day last week I was driving home from my class and all of a sudden it occurred to me to call my husband on the onstar and let him know I was in Fresno.I used to work 3 different facilities and for 2 yrs he never was sure where I was at a certain point in time. So I always let him know with the onstar.
This feeling only lasted a brief time.Many memories come up but God is in control. I had a wonderful dream about heaven and my husband stood there, healthy, and Jesus was there too. So have faith and keep posting because we care for you. Mari

Apr 24, 2012
by: Rose

You are feeling love..yes, sometimes love does hurt. The pain of losing someone we love is painful. In reality, they have gone to a beautiful place and we are here, missing them. I lost my daughter last year and too feel the hole in my heart. I don't cry as often, sometimes I can smile when I think of her. Some days I believe I will see her again and I don't doubt God's love for a second-other days, I am not as strong. There is no normal, we all grieve according to our needs. One thing I know-God is with us-He is good and merciful. He will heal our pain.

Rose-blessings to you!

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