Right now I am so scare as they found a mass on my hubbys lower lung but on July 30 he goes for a biopsy to see if its a tumor or a scar . The waiting sucks here. I have been married for 45 years . My hubby has been through to mayor operations from chrons disease and has suffer with it since 1984 . they took 7 feet intestine out for him. After that its been hard . About 5 years ago i was in pain for 2 years every day before the Dr could fine out what it was. they couldn't control my thyroid it was fighting against my immune system, than because i got worried why they couldn't control it i got a ulcer than ended up with colitis. Right now i feel alone and scare and need a friend i can count on and talk to .

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Aug 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well hubby had his biospy and now we have to wait a week for the results . But while our sone was with us his ex wife came in to his house and sold his tv and things . HOW CAN SOME ONE LIKD ETHAT HAVE TO HEART DANG. They are separated for 2 years now and she has a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend why doesnt she just sigh the darn agreement and get her money and move on .she says she wants to come back what for ?? MY hubby has gallstones so this morning son in law took him back up to the hosptial . I am so tired and all i want to do is cry

Jul 25, 2012
My Hubby
by: Doreen U.K.

Elaine. Hi!. I understand how scared you are. My husband went to the doctor with a chest infection and he had shadows on his lung and then he had to have a biopsy. So I know how you feel. You say it is the waiting that you are scared of. Your husband is going in on July 30 (My Birthday) I will be praying for him.
It was the waiting that was hard for us also. married 44years. You say in your post you need a friend and someone to talk to. email me. I can support you through the pain you are going through. I can remember the day so well for us as a family. I also lived in Canada 30 years ago. We came back to England within one year as my husband found it difficult to settle. I am glad we did. We have been back in England 30 years. It was a wise decision because my husband ended up having a lung condition which was an Industrial disease and so there was too much working history to follow up here in England which would have been difficult to follow from Canada. I look forward to hearing from you via my email

Jul 25, 2012
God will lead you.
by: Anonymous

My dearest Elaine,
We cannot control our destiny. We have to accept it and do the best we can to cope. The fact is that we are all going to die. It is just how we cope with that fact and the trials and tribulations that we go through are what define our character. What will happen will happen. It is for you to deal with it the best you can. I believe God gives us the strength and understanding when we are faced with such tragedies. We cannot escape the pain and grief. It is up to us whether we gain strength or collapse from it. I pray that God gives you the strength and wisdom to understand that life is precious but transitory and the joy that we had will be countered with the same degrees of grief. This is the law of karma and we must understand the reward will be bliss if we just take it as it comes and praise God for our lives with the pain and the joy. Be strong if you can and if not just accept everything as Gods will and take one day at a time. May you be blessed with wisdom and strength. Michael.

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