My Husband, My Hero, My Everything

by Christina Clark
(Detroit, MI)

My Husband and I had been together 6 years when he decided to be one of the 1% of Americans that join the army during war time. He went through boot camp and we were stationed in Kansas. We had a beautiful Year in Kansas when orders for him to deploy to Afghanistan came. He left in Feb on a cold night at like 1am. We cried in the truck together holding each other so tight not wanting to let go. But time is never on our side. So now he was gone.. all the way across the world going to war. We missed each other so much. We talked and wrote every chance we got, He would go on Mission after Mission and I would be so scared but after a while its was routine for him to tell me he would call me in a couple days when they got back from the mission and In my eyes, and everyone else, my husband was the best at what he did. There was no way anything would happen to him. He was indestructible! I prayed every time that god would watch over him and bring him home to me. I knew he would come home and he did.. Chaz came home for Leave for 15 days.. we had the best time of our lives.. We were so in love and just so happy. We Spent every waking hour together us 3 me, him and our son. But the 15 days came and went and I found myself holding on to him so tight not wanting to let go when his flight to go back to Afghanistan came over the airport loud speaker. My Hero,, Back to War....2 weeks later On September 18th 2011, I was home with our son when there was a loud knock at the door..I opened the door and saw 2 Military Soldiers dressed in their blues... They didn't have to say anything... I'm an army wife, I know when they show up at your house what it means...I collapsed to the floor in a scream, NO! NO! NO! NOT MY CHAZ !! WHY! WHY! WHY.!!!!! I screamed and cried uncontrollably for days. I miss him with all my heart. My husband stepped on an enemy IED. My Husband is now in heaven and in my heart forever...but I cant move on ...The pain, the emptiness is unbearable. I still cry smile on my face unless I'm faking it... I don't think I can live without him...the only thing that keeps me going is our son. I want him back.. I want our life back.. we had so many plans and goals for our future together. He was only 24 years old and he died for what... OUR FREEDOM?? REALLY??? He was such a great man..ambitious, determined, strong, and so caring and beautiful and he was such a proud soldier and I Will forever be Proud and Honored to be his Wife. I love you always and forever Chaz and I will never let go. I will Cherish every second of the 8 beautiful years we had together.

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Feb 18, 2012
Chaz is a hero
by: CH

I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband is an American hero.
I know that does not bring you comfort at the moment. I know that the only thing you want is to have your husband back with you and your son.

My husband died 14 months ago from cancer, just one month after he was diagnosed. Just like you, I want my old life back. During the first 6 months I prayed every day that God would take me also. My husband and I never had children so I had no reason to want to live, except that I knew my husband would be pissed at me for giving up and not appreciating the life I still have to live.

You have a son that is dependant on you. That is a wonderful gift that your husband has left to you to care for and nurture. As your son grows up he will know that his Daddy is truly a hero and will be so proud of him. Have faith that your husband is watching over both you and your son. The mere fact that your husband volunteered to join the army shows what a wonderful and caring man you married. May God, the angels and Chaz guide you in the painful journey that none of us want to be on.

Feb 10, 2012
I'm sorry
by: Tomi

I'm so sorry that your husband died. I lost my husband on August 18, 2011 from MRSA which lead to massive heart attack. Randy contacted MRSA back in 2007 and it knocked him to his knees for circa 6 months. And after that, every little cut, we always inspected and make sure that there was no infection. Randy also was my soul mate... He worked in PA as oil field supervisor for two weeks and flew back to TX for the remaining part of the month. He flew in at DFW on the night of August 17, 2011. I could tell he was ill but Randy refused to go to hospital until he set foot into our home. Finally at 300am on August 18, 2011, Randy was home. Hospital by circa 319am. Life support at 325am. And I removed life support at 1128am on August 18, 2011. I lost my being for living. Like you I cry every day and I have to think of a reason to go on living. There's nothing in this world that anyone can say or do to make this terrible pain go away and a lot of people will say dumb things not knowing what they said hurt you. I should have said this at first. I want to thank you for your husband and what he was doing for USA and what BOTH of you had to give up for our FREEDOM. Please don't give up like I have... My name is Tomi... Write back anytime... God Bless and May all his Angels hold you and your son closely in their arms...

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