My Husband, My Soul Mate Forever and Ever

by Christina

To tell you the truth, my story isn't unique. It is a story of love, true love, devotion, and commitment. Jim and I married 12/29/90. His previous wife died,they had a wonderful marriage, my previous husband traded me in for a newer model after 15 years. Eight yrs after my divorce I met Jim on a blind date. I had one child and he had two. We soon fell in love and became a melded family. We married 6 months after we met, we just knew we were right for each other. It truly was for us like a romance novel. I was 38 he was 46, he didn't have any disfunction in him. He didn't lie, cheat, drink, swear, he truly was simply a good man. Oh did I mention he was 6'5" and handsome, and that is always a plus, and a great kisser. I miss those kisses, his touch, his beautiful voice. Always willing to hold me and hug me for as long as I needed. But it was his soul that was the most attractive to me. His heart was pure, not a mean bone in his body. A little gullible at times, but I adored that in him as well. We were married for 21 yrs, he battled prostate cancer for the last 10. On 02/24/12 God called him home, one day after coming home from the hospital. At first I was glad for him, that his suffering was over, he was so brave, never complained. I prayed for God to let him be with his sweet Charlotte, his first wife, they had a good marriage and he loved her, differently then me but their love was a true love also. Now, I am as of late, consumed with grief, I miss him more and more as each day passes. Reality has hit, I will never see him again, I hope my wait wont be too long, time is my enemy..

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Nov 03, 2012
my husband,my soul mate forever and ever
by: silver

Like you I had a bad first marriage.He was great the first 1 1/2 yrs then his mental disease(I didn't know about it)turned him and he became abusive.I was able to finally divorce him and escape.(he had been put in a mental hospital by the courts-he threatened another person)I met my second husband and eventually we got married.He was my soul-mate.I,thankfully,often told him that.We were married 33 yrs and 1 week.He had emphysema and got pneumonia.It turned septic&killed his kidneys.Dialysis started killing his heart.They found a tumor in one of his lungs.He was on a respirator for six days before I had to tell them to let him go.Since dialysis didn't work his body was failing.I miss him so much.He died May 2011.I think I was still in shock that first year. I cried often and missed him but this year it really hit.My birthday in August I suddenly realized he was not coming back,he was really gone.The time of various stages of grief are different for everyone.I wrote a poem(on this site)called 'How long does it take?'because of this feeling. There are a lot of good poems there.The love and feelings in them are healing.I wrote one called 'Peace' that I read at his funeral.I also wrote 'My Rock',and 'My Heart'. Writing poetry for him has helped some.I start grief counseling this month.Maybe it will help like this site has helped except I will be able to actually talk to others in person.This site has helped me see that others feel what I feel about loss.GOD bless you and give you strength.sending u love.

Oct 24, 2012
My Husband, My Soul Mate Forever and Ever
by: Doreen UK

Christine I am sorry for your loss of your precious husband. Like you I had a model of a husband. A PURE soul. A Peacemaker. Placid and passive. A good provider for his family. Steve lost the battle to cancer 5 months ago. He suffered for over 3yrs. I nursed him through his pain. TIME IS OUR ENEMY. WE are left in so much Pain from our Grief and Loss. UNBEARABLE SORROW. The Pain feels worse for me. Everyone is going on with their lives and I cannot move off the couch. I sit here all day and night and just get up to do the urgent things and go back to the couch. I don't know when I will be able to move forward. We are all in the same place. But we all have our own PAIN and Life experiences that cause our GRIEF to be so very PAINFUL.

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