my husband wants out of out 28 year marriage

by Geraldine

Hi to all you people that are suffering the break up of a relationship. I knew things were not going well in my relationship for the past couple of years. myself and my husband have been together for 30years married for 28 years. I have been feeling very unhappy recently and feeling abandoned. Any suggestions of going away on a holiday our out to dinner together were turned down. he lost a lot of weight going back 2- 3 years ago and took up cycling which in a funny way became the other woman in our relationship. and over this time we have grown further and further apart. I have been happy for him that he found something he enjoyed and kept him healthy, but maybe I let it go too far. He has always been encouraging me to find hobbies of my own, i even got a bike myself but he never once came out with me. He is adamant that there is no other woman involved and i do believe him but then again I am beginning to wonder.I know I have not been the easiest of people to live with and have suffered from depression since childhood but I do know that I am very kind and soft and feel other peoples hurt. I know he is a good person too had has his own issues. I have two fabulous grown up children of 25 and 21. they are devestated and very angry with my husband. I am doing my best to reassure them I will be ok and that he is totally in love with them and would do anything for them. This has just happened over the weekend and I took a chance by telling him I wasn't happy and we might as well be living separate lives and he grabbed it with open arms. I asked him if he would consider counseling but he was not interested. We are still speaking and I do still respect him but he is so matter of fact about it all that it hurts so much. I am 53 years of age and am so scared of living the rest of my life alone we also have a lot of money difficulties and this has been a big factor in how things have gone. We nearly separated 10yrs ago but we decided to stay together as the children we young but again it was his decision to split. he says he still cares for me but is not in love with me. I feel so lost and abandoned just like i felt when I was a child. I am praying constantly and hope that will help me come through this dark tunnel.
Thanks to all for listening and God Bless all of you out there who are suffering.

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