My Husband's name was Mike

by Lori Bauer
(Monterey, Ca)

He was an exceptional guitar player!

He was an exceptional guitar player!

He passed away on March 25, 2012, he was 61 years old. Mike had been ill for several months and on Hospice care at home. He had actually been doing quite well for a very long time. One morning he came to me and said he felt like a switch had turned off in him. We both thought, maybe he had a bug? No, a switch really had turned off. He slowly slipped into a coma and 7 days later he died. I was able to be with him and hold his hand, trying very hard to not cry so I would not upset him. He took his last labored breath at 4:00 PM. I kissed him and said goodbye and told him "I Love you So".

That was last Sunday one week ago. The loss of Mike leaves a big hole in my life. ( 1/2 is gone ) We have been married for 23 years. Through good times and bad, we always loved each other and were completely devoted to one another. Mike was the best of men.....true and honest. I still talk to him everyday and tell him I love him. I find some peace in the hope that Mike is no longer suffering or in pain. Maybe he watches out for me? I miss him so much!

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Apr 08, 2012
My fiancée died two months ago
by: Nicola

My fiancée died following a six month battle with cancer. We knew how ill he was but still weren't prepared for his death. We have a one year old daughter. Sometimes I'm ok but sometimes I'm not. I miss him so much. Love to all you ladies in the same position.

Apr 02, 2012
feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Dear Lori, My husband's name was also Mike. He passed away about 6 mos ago. We are all on a roller coaster called grief. I was not feeling so bad last week now all of a sudden today I just miss him so much and feel awful. I am told that this is very normal to have ups and downs like this. When I am feeling really down I come to this web site and I feel like I am being surrounded by people who really understand how I feel. Hopefully, sharing your story will help you too. Wishing you peace.Joanne, Chicago

Apr 02, 2012
Happy Memories
by: Anonymous

My husband passed away 16 months ago tomorrow. It's been a nightmare of a journey for me but I am finally starting to see some blue sky through the dark clouds.
My husband was ill also but we went through the emotional roller coaster ride of a possible transplant that left me completely drained. I would do it all over again and more without hesitation.
Your grief is so fresh. When I think about that first month it's almost hard to recall much about it. I know I was on auto pilot~just going through the motions.
Take your time and grieve. Cry....scream....get mad it you have to. Crying is good for the soul. I actually feel better after a good cry these days. In the beginning that's all I did.
Be good to yourself. Surround yourself with friends and family members who want to give you your space but are there for you when you need them. We're a bit like toddlers in the beginning. There's a new world to explore...a new life that we really don't want any part of. Just take your life day by day....moment by moment.
You will eventually get to the point where you can recall memories and smile. It's hard work and it doesn't happen over night.
God bless. I'm hoping for some sunshine in your day. We have to be thankful for the little things and thankful that we had these wonderful men for as long as we did.

Apr 01, 2012
My husband passed March 16 2012
by: Mindy H

My husband also recently passed. we learned he had cancer January 16th 2012 and passed March 16 2012. Everything happened so fast i still feel like my head is spinning. We have an 18 month old daughter named Madison. My sympathies to you. How are we supposed to just carry on without them?

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