My Jack, my grandfather, my best friend

by Nicole

2 months ago, On Tues Feb 9th, 2010 @ 0645am, my life changed forever. These past two months have been some of the worst months of my life. My mom called to tell me that Jack, my grandfather, was being airlifted to Ft Worth, and they couldn't get any blood pressures. All I could say was a curse word. As a nurse, I knew not being able to get blood pressures or being air lifted was not good; I knew in the back of my mind he wasn't going to make it.

At 1030, the hospital stated family needed to get there asap. My aunt called me at 1130 and stated he didn't make it, they called his death @ 1020. I was in such shock. It didn't make any sense. He just went to the doctor on Friday- cardiologist mind you, and the doctor said for a 79 year old he was in great shape. Jack worked out everyday- he even worked out the day before he died. Nothing made any sense.

I talked with him Saturday- we had a great conversation- we talked once a week and we both enjoyed conversing. The death certificate says massive heart attack, which I don't believe. An emt/nurse stated she was the first to respond, she felt it was more like an aortic aneurysm, he didn't complain of pain, just feeling funny, most people keel over in pain from a massive heart attack. He was able to talk and he was calm and peaceful.

I just don't understand why his time was up. I am thirty one years old and my life just started to turn around for me, good things were happening with me, why if my life is just beginning , why did his have to end? He was one of my biggest supporters, biggest fans. He always told me how proud he was of me, growing up, and when things happened he was always there holding my hand or my mom's hand (his daughter).



It is so hard to sum up Jack’s journey in this life in just one speech. We all have a lifetime of memories of him that can never be forgotten.

Jack married Omega “Mickey” Mabra Freeland July 24th, 1954. When he first met Mickey he was instantly smitten with her. They decided to create a family and he raised two beautiful girls Renee and Terri, that he adored and cherished. He was a loving husband and proud and doting father, grandfather and great grandfather.

He often enjoyed the finer things in life like taking his one grandson golfing and the other grandson he taught how to play tennis. Every Sunday he called his granddaughter to chat about lifes joys and woes. Jack showed his caring and compassionate spirit often by his actions. He worried more about his loved ones than himself. He even took his granddaughter-in-law’s car to get fixed because he didn’t want her to drive around in a car that might be unsafe.

He often helped his lady friends he worked out with, getting in and out of their cars. He was a gentleman who proved that chivalry is not dead. He was considered a hard worker and took pride in what he did. It has been said that Jack worked for petroleum engineering for 30 plus years and missed one day of work. You could always count on him to get the job done.

Jack respected and admired accomplishments. He was often heard by friends bragging about his grandchildren and great grandchild. He often talked about how smart his great-grandson is, how proud he was of his two grandsons making two beautiful smart, vivacious woman part of his family, and how ecstatic he was on his granddaughter's latest accomplishment or latest work experience.

Jack was a funny man, with a spirit that could make anyone want to laugh. He was always quick to show off his sense of humor by telling a joke to get a smile or chuckle. Jack had a smile and laugh that was contagious.

One of his favorite pastimes besides being with family was to watch Monday Night Football, watching the Cowboys. The family always knew not to call when the Cowboys were playing. In fact, he even timed his weekly calls to his granddaughter around the cowboys schedule, if they were playing that day. Although he would never admit to this, he enjoyed doing water aerobics with all the young women.

Jack had a tender heart that you could feel just from a hug or a smile. When he wrapped his arms and big hands around you and gave you that “Jack” pat on the back, you could just feel the love radiate from him.

He leaves behind many family members and friends that love him dearly and he will surely be missed. May his loving, caring and humorous spirit continue to live in all of us. See you later and lots of love from all our hearts on your travels, “Jack”, Jackleum”, Betah, Honey, Dad, Uncle Jack, Grandpa, friend, buddy.

Ruth 1:16-17
Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.

A Grandfather means so many things…
An understanding heart,
A source of strength and support
Right from the very start.
A constant readiness to help
in a kind and thoughtful way.
With encouragement and forgiveness
No matter what comes your way.
A special generosity and always affection, too
A Grandfather means so many things
When he’s a man like you… (Jack)
~ Author Unknown ~

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