by ann

One year, four months and 3 days ago when my mom was in the hospital, we thought she'd come home in a day or two. I had stayed the night with her and when they brought her breakfast tray, she wanted to share it with me. I told her I was going home for a few minutes to change clothes and i'd be right back.

She took her little fingers and separated her food and wanted me to eat half and she would eat half. I told her I would get something on the way home. She reminded me that we always shared. I told her she needed the food and I'd be ok. When I got back to the hospital a short time later, she was in a coma. Why didn't I share just a bite with her. Everyday I see those little hands making 2 portions of food and I
can't stand it. It was so little for her to ask for.

Why, Why didn't I do that for her. I can never un-do it. Never. I held her and a few hours later she was gone, because of undetected cancer.


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Aug 30, 2011
Peace; be still
by: Tina in Chicago

We all have things we regret and live over and over in our minds; and somehow allow that one thing to overshadow all that we did for and with our Mom. I do it, then I cry, I anguish, I regret even more, and I apologize to God and my Mom. I still can't forgive myself and I am crying now because of it. You have got to forgive yourself, you have got to ask God and your Mom to forgive you. You have got to start to believe you are for and believe that they will. There was nothing but love in the scenario you describe. You have got to start seeing that love. Our Moms don't want us to be so sorrowful over minor matters. I tell you now what I tell myself all the time - - "I did the best I could. My Mom knows it and she knows I love her." Some days I buy into it better than others. Remember the love you shared with your Mom, it's way more important than that one meal. God bless you.

Nov 13, 2010
You mom...

Your mom wanted to share as it was her nature. She did not need you to take her up on her offer, merely be allowed to make it. It is how she showed her love for you. You showed your love back by wanted her to have it. An argument of generosity, so to speak. My dad used to always try to share his food too, it was his way of being dad as he was and trying to be generous even in a hospital situation. Your mother knew and now knows that you love her. She would not want you to be sad or guilty. She would wrap her arms around you and say honey, I know that you love me and I love you too.

My very best to you on the road (to recovery).

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