by Chuck Russo
(Staten Island, new york)

I'm thinkink of you again today. I love you and I miss you so much. I am so sorry you got sick and the doctor told me you would not live much longer. And that I should put you to sleep. you have been my best friend for almost 15 years and I cant bear to live wothout you. When I got up in the morning you were always anxious to see me. You were always so happy to play with me. You loved for me to take you for a walk. I can never expect to find someone like you again.
When you first came to live with me you were just a puppy and I had to keep you seperate from spike because I did'nt want you to fight. You were just a little guy and I did'nt want you to get hurt. it was just me and you and missy back then but it didn't take you long to get together with missy and give me two more beautiful babies. I think you were a really proud father. You were always gentil with everyone.
Do you remember when we met Martha and she came to live with us, She loved you so much and always took good care of you. And you loved her too because you knew if you ever got sick she would be the first to help you and take care of you. She always complained but we both know she loves you very much
Do you remember when you had trouble with your teeth and the doctor had to remove many of them. You never complained. And then when your back had problems we took care of you until you could walk again. I know you wont forget the time I came home from work and you couldn't move. I was really scared that time, it took you a long time to get better that time and a lot of doctors. I guess I never really knew it but you were my favorite. they say you newer know how much you love something until its gone I hope your in a better place now but living without you has put a big hole in my heart. I cry for you every day.
I can still remember when I first met you and we lived in bayview ave. you used to run to the window everytime someone came to the door so you could be the first to see who was there. THank you Oscar for giving me 15 wonderful years of your life. I will never forget you and all the wonderful memories weve had together.

NOTE TO GOD: You have him now, please take care of him, he's just a little guy an may need some help he's very shy.


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Jun 28, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Thank you for the beautiful letter written to your lovely pet Oscar. You had such a beautiful relationship. I feel blessed reading of a relationship between you and your oscar that many people don't have with a human.
It is a really beautiful LOVE relationship. Pets give LOVE in a differnet way to humans and the grief is different but also the same if this makes sense. The pain is the same and we take just as long to get through the grief. I remember when I lost my first pet cockatiel. It broke my heart. I cried for days and days. I phoned my husband who was a carpenter and got him to make a box for my bird. I cut up a nylon scarf with the words Jesus on it and I buried my darling bird in there and gave him a respected honourable place to lie. I then lost my lovebird. He died in my hands whilst telling him I loved him. I have now lost my husband Steve 7 weeks ago, and so no more pets and no more boxes to bury them in. I will never regret having the birds. It gave me a new meaning in my life. Memories I will treasure forever. I can now go and visit the bird sanctuary and see the birds and enjoy being there. My world changes when I am in an aviary. I feed the birds in my garden. I give them breakfast and they look forward to this. they wait patiently for me to come out of the door and they fly over my head. They are comfortable with me. They know i love them and will never harm them. Best wishes for the future thank you for sharing your story.

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