my life is over

by christine

I am 60yrs. old and left a bad relationship to leave with a younger man 13 yrs.younger i am devastated now we have had 27 years together and married for seven that he is leaving me and wants a divorce and found someone else i suppose it was on the cards no matter what our relationship was like but makes no difference how i feel no matter how it is dressed up i feel suicidal and abandoned for a younger woman and more so for the loss of my beloved husband i have no friends to talk to and family arent really at hand, with out him i am totally nothing and dont see any future whatsoever i am empty and dont want this pain no longer the suffering is too much no matter what anyone could say i know i cant go on so this is really a lost case i just need to say how i feel at least that is something.

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Apr 18, 2012
Hi Christine.
by: Sarah.

Wow! Christine, your story sounds exactly like mine. I'm 64 and had been in a relationship with a man a lot younger then me. We had been together for 27 years. In December (2011) he just walked out with just an overnight bag, a spare pair of jeans, and a tee shirt..... he never came back. After a fortnight he emailed me and asking if he could walk our dogs. That afternoon he told me that had met another women on line, had been talking to her for about four months, met up with her a few times, then moved in. His reasons for leaving were.... I didn't show him love and affection and had given him no attention for the past few years. Well for the past few years I had been battling depression (Although I didn't realize it at the time) and recovering from my parents deaths. I was sole carer for them and they died a year apart. I had to do this in Ireland, away from my family and friends. It was very hard. When he should have been giving me some of his strength because I had none of my own, he chose to run off with a women he hardly knew. Within a few weeks of being with her, he had introduced her to his family. Like you I have no family round me and very few friends. I feel like my heart has been torn out and I have lost my best friend. My house feels so dead, and I have all the usual symptoms, can't stop crying, can't eat, can't sleep, want him back, hurting all the time. People keep telling me it will get better with time, but when you are in your 60s, it had better get better quick. Keep your chin hunny, I know just what you are going through. x

Dec 22, 2011
Wow Christine
by: Anonymous

Do you know your name? Christine has "Christ" as its root. "You are a sacred child of God. You are in deep pain and stress and "Your Father" wants to help you. Let him. Don't you dare give up!!!. You can't see a life without him now but you can life without him. Your life is just beginning. I had suspected he was seeing someone else and then one day he was there talking, eating with me and living our lives. The next day he was gone and he wasn't dead. He just walked away, just like that no words, no good byes, no arguments, no accusations, no nothing. For a year, I was left guessing what happened. I did not call him or try to contact him through his family or people we knew, although I could have. I knew I did nothing wrong, and if he could walk away from me like that, then he wasn't who I was in love with anyway and that fantasy man I was loving on for almost 20 years didn't exist. That is how I looked at it. I turned to God. That is how I made it. The pain is still there, but the love died from "a failure to feed."

I am living alone, no romantic ties. I do have a male friend that is my best friend and it feels so right.

CHRISTINE, CHRISTINE, CHRISTINE, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP there are people that love you, don't give them the pain you are feeling.

Dec 03, 2011
hang in there for adventure
by: Anonymous

you know, aristotle made some comment about man facing their fears. I don't remember what it was, except it left me realizing that facing fears makes my senses stronger, heightened and when given the opportunity, I remember vividly admiring myself more as a person for my strength. Don't sit in your boat. Row in it. Push yourself to realize that change is inevitable and Godly. He may be pushing you away, but most men who do things to a good person that are bad, usually regret it, have those fleeting thoughts of what ifs etc.... He is doing you a favor. Treat yourself to the world, doing what YOU want without challenges of someone saying, "nah, i don't wanna." If you do things YOU are interested in, and be adventurous, then you may just find the person who begins the new chapters of your life with you. And if he doesn't show up...what a wonderful treat fulfilling your passions for what you want to see or do in life rather than using that time moping and mourning the loss of something that is in the past. Trust me, life goes on, and there are always wonderful things that show up in it!

Dec 03, 2011
my life is over
by: christine

thank you for your kind words judith its so nice there are lovely people out there like you i wish i could say i was strong but i know i cant do this i feel pathetic and ashamed that i cant, and i know whatever years i have left i will be on my own and lonely and i just cant bear that, i could never trust anyone again i would never go through this hell again and i dont think i will survive this, i love him so much even though he loves someone else you cant switch that love off i wish i could, my life with him before this happened was the only thing worth living for the rest was continually full of disaster abuse neglect, you name it right through my life until him, ive lost my everything and myself.

Dec 03, 2011
Life is not Over
by: Judith

Dear Christine, It saddens me to read of your situation. Don’t give HIM the power to make you feel useless. Whether it was in the cards or not is no reason for you to just give up. Sure it’s painful and you feel betrayed and taken advantage of but don’t loose sight of all you can still do gain. HE is the one who is nothing by being unfaithful to you. You were a worthwhile person before you met him and will continue to be so now. Do not let a man define who you are. Please take time now to be by yourself and get to know yourself again. Care for yourself like you want to be cared for. Don’t let this cheater make you loose sight of what you truly deserve. Take time to do for you and then go out and find someone deserving of you. There are still plenty of men looking for a good woman.

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