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I am not a person who talks easily to other people I was the introvert-my husband the extrovert- now he is gone and there is no one- the loneliness is so overwhelming. My friends, my family, the kids all go on to their own lives and I am here all alone. They ask if I want them to move in but they don't understand that it won't stop the loneliness. I lost the only person I could really talk to. How do you go on. My whole life is gone. Now I have to start a new one. How do you do that. I am not sure I even want to. I miss him so much.

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Jan 10, 2011
My life
by: Jen


This site takes more than an edge off our journey thro all these wonderful people we talk to from all over the world.
When i found it i never would have believed it would bring so so much to my life.

Keep in touch with us. We 'get it all' thro our own personal journey at all different stages.

My best to you from Northern Ireland.


Jan 09, 2011
by: Colleen

I am not sure how to get over the loneliness. All I can say to you is that we are all feeling so alone. Bruce was the introvert he also had a mild form of compulsive obsessive disease so we never had many friends and the ones we did have have disappeared. All I can say to you is come here often we will always listen

Jan 09, 2011
Fake it

I read here "Fake it till you make it". I force confidence that I do not feel. I am shy on the inside, almost quivering with trepidation. But I do not want that to rule who I am. So I fake it till I make it. Good Luck and please come here often...

Jan 09, 2011
My Life
by: Anonymous

I know-there is no one to give you that reassuring hug-that smile from across the room-that time to just sit and talk-alone has such a new meaning for me. And the word forever is more than I can take.

Jan 09, 2011
How Do We Grieve?
by: Pat

I'm exactly where you are. It's been just 5 weeks for me. My two young adult children have young families, none of my friends have lost their spouses.

I pray daily for the strength to handle this grief and empty feeling. I could tell my husband anything ~ he loved me unconditionally. With everyone else in my life I feel like I have to be and act a certain way to meet with their approval. With him I could be myself. That's why I fell in love with him.

I wish I had the answers of how we are to handle this. The best relief I've found is to come here often and write your feelings. I'm starting a grief support group next week. I hope that helps to be able to share my feelings with others who are going through the same.

God's blessings to all of us who are grieving.

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