My life

by Tayloralexandriabroadway

Hi I'm Taylor broadway I'm 18 and my parents divorced when I was 16 years old. I was
Ver depressed all the time, and watchig my dad grab his things and leave was the hardest.
For me they couldn't even stand each other then my dad started dating and person
After person. He would let us meet and I would get attached and then when it didn't work I
Would be hurt then he meet Karen and her kids thy came to hangout with us every weekend. And it just got old after a while, we fought all the time she has put a wedge inbettween me and my dad to where I don't really even have a relationship with my dad ever I just see him when I have to. And the bad thing is she wouldn't let him fix it with me because she is jealous that I would spend more time with home. So I don't realy see him or her much anymore kinda sad they are getting married June 30,2012 wow can't believe it it's very emotional just having a lot of trouble help?

Thanks Taylor broadway

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Jun 29, 2012
Sorry for your sadness
by: Anonymous

When in doubt about how to overcome a sitaution that seems impossible, you have to realise that your parents are vehicles to bring you into this life. Whilst that is no small feat and it does not imply that their role is not improtant in your life. The main point is that you are an individual who must overcome hurdles and grow in life. Therfore your best solution is to become introspective and go to the basic things that calm you and control you. These are breathing and exercise. There are many meditative techniques, yoga and simple tools that you can begin to explore to develope yor body and your mind will feel at ease.
Mostly it will prevent you from considering other options that may contibute to added stress.
I find Pilates helped me a lot through periods when selfich people like your step mom etc are influencial.
Remeber that good always overcomes bad.

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