by karen larsen



I can't believe it's been a year today. I am still at a loss. They say time heals wounds. But my heart is still broken. If tears could move mountains, I would find a way to be with you. I lit a candle for you today, I put it right next to your ashes. I cried again over your loss. Every time I hear a sad song I cry. Things will never be the same.
I have tried to move forward, but I can't no matter how much I try.
My heart is heavy. If I could have just one more day on this earth with you, I would make it a fun one, just the two of us.
But God had other choices for you, and they were not meant for us.
My beautiful little baby, I can't say good-bye, guess I never will.
No one understand the love we shared.

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Mar 06, 2014
I know
by: Anne

I know exactly how you feel. It was one year ago today that I lost my little girl Maisy. My heart still breaks, I try to keep the good thoughts, but I still miss her like crazy.
Keep the faith and eventually it will all get better. Cookie would want you to find another little soul to love and cherish.

I just wish the Rainbow bridge had visiting hours..

Jan 12, 2014
I lost my dear little Tiffany
by: Joan

I feel so sad for you because I was able to start looking for a new companion right away. I coudn't stop crying for my dear friend,and I hope that by now you are doing better. I now have a little girl named Elly Mae, and she is the joy of our loves. We are an elderly couple, and I felt I honored Tiffany by getting another West HIghland, and we love her. Best wished to you....Joan

Jan 09, 2014

You all took the time to make me feel so good about what I wrote. And that means so much to me!!! You are all going through your own pain as well. I can't say enough about that!!! I wish you all the best and hopefully someday that you will recover from your loses as well!!!
You all have such big hearts to come forward and be as generous with your kind words.
I will never forget you for being there when no one else could be. Sometimes silence is all anyone else could give!!!
God bless you all!!

Jan 09, 2014
Beautiful Cookie
by: Diane

Your tribute could have been written by me, and I'm sure many others, because even though it's been 13 months since I lost my Chrissy, I still cry when I think of her passing. I truly don't think we EVER get over that once in a lifetime love, we just learn to adjust our lives and live with it. My two others that were left behind have definitely been a comfort to me, they take my mind off of my heartache and I want to be fair to them by not ignoring them.I guess I just wanted you to know you are not alone in your grief, I want to try to share your anguish. Time HAS helped, it does soften the pure pain we feel at the beginning. Bless you for loving so much, I truly pray that one day we can think of our loved ones with smiles instead of tears. Take care of yourself.....RIP beautiful Cookie!

Jan 09, 2014
My Little Cookie 2
by: Doreen UK

Karen I am sorry for your loss of your little cookie 2. He is so gorgeous. My heart breaks for every pet that is ill or who passes away. I adore pets and have lost a few and I thought I would never get over my loss. But with time I have healed to the point I don't feel that raw pain of loss. But when my memories come back I feel so very sad. A heartache that will never go away. I am thankful to God for having put these darling creatures into our world to love and cherish. Pity LIFE has to end and cause us such broken hearts. Reach out to God for Healing from your loss. Keep a journal. Write out all your hurt feelings about cookie 2 and what the loss of her has done to you. You will feel some release from that raw pain. You will look at cookie in a different way and be thankful for having had her in your life. I wish you all the best in the future and that if you should give Love to another pet. Hold them loosely knowing that you will one day lose them.

Jan 09, 2014
my little cookie
by: Nadine

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved cat. Little Cookie looks just like one of our cats except she is mostly gray. We had a rough year in 2013. We lost 3 of our cats for various reasons. We still have 7 but none of them can take the place of our dearly departed ones. I don't know if you have other pets but each one is special as i have found out. I especially miss Ashley because she was the first cat i got in 2010. My husband rescued all the others. Ashley loved to go outside and was never happy inside. She might wander away for a day or two but she always came home. May 2013 was the last we saw of her. We never found her though we looked extensively. She was my baby girl and i loved her so. Whatever happened to Cookie i know you loved her or him just as much as i do mine and i'm sure she knew it. That is what is important, that they knew they were loved.

Jan 08, 2014
my little cookie
by: Albin AZ

I'm so sorry for your loss i can,t say I know how you feel,everybody is different I had to put my Tilly to sleep is was 2 years ago I still miss him and then last Nov I had to put my other best friend Moe to sleep it was a shock he was only 6 years old I took Moe to the Vet because he was not acting right the Vet took X-Rays and fount a tumor around his heart that was inoperable I had a chose to take him home and never again be him self our do the kindest and the hard thing to do was to put him to sleep I'm writing this with tears in my eyes now I miss 2 of my best friends they were always there when I needed it most.
MY I leave you with this thought.
that hole in your heart gets smaller but the thought of loosing Cookie will never go away

blessing Albin

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