My little harley

by Samantha

Where do i begin? He was my best friend. He went everywhere with town, he would even go with my dad to drop me off at school...we went in four wheeler rides. He was a perfect little angel he was sent to me from God at a time when i was in need of a friend. I went to school on day when i was a freshman in high school and when i got home he was hurt...there was nothing i could do. I took him to the vet but the next day he was gone. He was my best friend i loved him like a son. There is a whole in my heart the still cant be replaced after three years. I got a new dog...but its not the same snickers cant replace the love i had for harley. I got mad after he died i blamed God i blamed myself but i have come to learn that God took him from me when another little dog needed my help. Snickers would be dead now if it weren't for me but that doesn't change the fact that i want harley back. Sometime i just wish for one more day with him that all i want but then i tell myself if i had one more day with him that i would just want another and then another. The cycle would never end. I still cry some nights. Someone says something about him and i start to cry i just cant help myself. Someone told me that i should just get over it that it was just a dog. That not the truth he was my heart and now my heart has shattered into pieces, and it cant be repaired even after 3 years.

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Dec 15, 2013
little harley
by: christine

I am so sorry to read of your loss, I have just lost my beloved dog Oscar on the 10th.
At only 7 years of age he collapsed and passed away, from a tumor, no one even knew he had.

Myself and my partner, are heartbroken, we want him back, we are angry that he has been snatched from us. The pain at times feels unbearable.

But a good friend said to us would you rather Oscar had quality or quantity of life.
We grieve for our loss, the pain we feel.
My Oscar felt no pain, he was active , he was eating well and chasing his ball like mad. This is how we must think of him, and the love he bought into our life.

We have another dog, who will never be Oscar, but lola has her own love to give and we must allow our other pets to be themselves,they cannot replace our other pets but they can make their own places in our hearts if we allow them.

Dec 14, 2013
My little Harley
by: Nadine

Samantha, Our pets are like kids to some of us. I have one cat, Hannah, who acts just like a 2 or 3 year old. She will stretch her front legs up to me as if to say "pick me up" which i do. She is very affectionate. But she can't replace Ashley, who i lost 7 months ago. She was my baby girl and i loved her so. Our pets have a way of communicating with us that i think just endears them to us all the more. They are God's little creatures and we are just some of the lucky ones who love them. They aren't just a dog or cat. I hope your time with Snickers will bring you the comfort you need and you have many years with him.

Dec 12, 2013
Sweet Harley
by: Diane

There is always ONE animal that is definitely different from all the others we have the privilege of knowing in our lives, one that actually becomes a part of our heart and soul, our soulmate. When they die it's like losing a part of ourselves and it's perfectly natural to mourn for an extended period of time, it takes a long time to mend a broken heart and forever leaves a scar. People who honestly believe "it's just a dog" are to be pitied, and as far as I'm concerned, to be avoided too, until you can think of your Harley with smiles instead of tears. Understand they have never had a love such as yours. The only thing I have found that helps is to keep your mind busy when those dark thoughts come, it's also perfectly natural to doubt yourself and have feelings of guilt. But remember, you did NOTHING wrong, you would never purposely hurt your baby. I have actually had to say in my mind "STOP" and think of something else, or I'm afraid I would have gone insane, I saw my sweet baby get killed. I know it's hard, but you HAVE to force yourself to take more of an interest in the dog you have now, you have to let him into your heart. You may NEVER love him as you did Harley, but let him know you do love him in a different way, as a parent loves the second child, this is the only fair thing to do. Don't dwell on the sorrow of losing Harley, but rather celebrate his life and the love you got to share with him. He IS waiting for you, you know, at the Rainbow Bridge, safe and warm. He would never want to see you think of him with such sadness in your heart. Mourn him and then tuck it away in your heart to be brought out when the times are right. You'll never forget him, honor him by loving another little soul on this earth. Take care of yourself, God bless you for caring so much! RIP sweet Harley!

Dec 11, 2013
My little harley
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of Harley. That was a very insensitive remark told to you to get over you loss he is just a dog. Ignore this ignorance. This person hasn't lost anyone or a pet so they haven't a clue. One day they will and will need support. I have lost pets and know the pain of such a loss. You should keep a journal and write out all your thoughts and feelings from your journey with Harley and you can treasure these forever. I lost my husband to cancer 19 months ago and I was angry with God for not healing him from cancer. But in reality God is in control and does nothing to hurt us. We live in a fallen world and have to find our way through life as best as we can. No dog can replace Harley. Each pet you have has their own unique personality. Owning a pet should enhance your life. Don't make comparisons. Love each dog for who they are and what they bring to your life to help make it better. Embrace this new adventure with your new dog. But grieve for Harley. Don't put this off. It will take time to start to recover from grief. best wishes.

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