My little Oreo

by Karissa

oreo as a baby

Before you start reading I'm sorry its so long. I remember when I first got Oreo she was so small and fuzzy with these big round eyes that didn’t look like cat eyes. She was so funny always climbing everything with no fear. She would look at you with her head tilted to the side with her big round eyes as if in confusion. She loved laying in the sun she was strictly an indoor cat but she had this spot in the bedroom on the corner of the bed next to the window. It has the most sunlight in that one little spot but it was her spot. She was so beautiful like black velvet. She would run around with my other cats always playing. If you went into the bathroom and the door didn’t latch she would push the door open and come right in. If you lay down on your stomach she would climb onto your butt and go to sleep.
Oreo was always a slender cat until the past few months she got a little pudgy. Just assuming that it was because she was only an indoor cat I didn’t really think it was a bad thing. She didn’t always finish her food but I would leave dry food out so I figured she was just eating that. Then she wasn’t as active I mean she was still active playing with the other cats and climbing but certain things she wouldn’t do anymore. It wasn’t until I picked her up one day and noticed she felt much heavier and I mentioned it to my mother and she didn’t understand it a week later my mom said that it looked like her chest and stomach were extended. She stopped eating and would only sleep and she wouldn’t go to her little sunny spot anymore.
We took her to the vet and they couldn’t really tell what was wrong with her either. Her temperature was a little low but not by much her blood work was fine. The only thing was her bladder was very full and she wouldn’t go to the bathroom. They did an x ray and said that there was this mass around her heart but they didn’t know what it was. They wanted to keep her there for a few hours to do more tests and they would call us when they were done. A few hours later we got a phone call from the vet saying that they did a sonogram of her chest. That her heart is too big and very thin she says that she has congestive heart failure and that it’s very serious. The vet said we should consider euthanizing her we asked if there was any medication that could help her and they said we could try something but it’s more meant for dogs. We wanted to try we didn’t want to put her down immediately up until that day she seemed fine. The doctor said we had a 50/50 chance. We took her and the medicine home.
When we got home she just went under the bed eventually she came out and stayed on top. We went to bed and the next morning we gave her, her medicine afterwards she was crying and growling and it was like she was in pain we left the room and came back and she looked okay again. As the day went on she didn’t want to come out from under the bed. When she did I got her to drink some water and we thought maybe she was getting better but she wouldn’t eat. After that the next few hours were awful. She would start crying and moaning and crawling around in so much pain. All we could do was pet her trying to comfort her. That evening she was crawling around under the bed the crying and moaning got so much worse she was panting I felt so guilty it was so cruel. Then she let out these terrible scream like cries and I knew she had a heart attack. We found out that she was probably born with this condition and over time her heart just continued to grow which resulted in her death. I had no idea that there was no cure I thought that the medicine could save her. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve had her put down even to say that I feel awful. She was only 4 and a 1/2 years old I feel so terrible that I made her die a painful death I feel I was selfish but I thought I could save her. I just feel so guilty did I make the wrong decision by choosing not to take away her life before I knew this would happen to her? I just feel like it’s my entire fault. I just know that I miss my Oreo and I want her back. I just lost her this past Thursday it still feels so bad. I’ve lost pets before but this has never happened to any of my pets before.

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Mar 29, 2013
For the loss of little Oreo
by: Fran

My heart goes out to you especially when one's beloved little companion dies in stressful way. One feels so useless, and your vet becomes 'God'.
It is 4 weeks ago almost to the hour, that I lost my beloved cat. I had made an appointment for the vet to come to my home and put him to sleep, but it was not to be. Suddenly his back legs gave way, and his beautiful eyes were wide with terror. He was taken to the vets and was put to sleep. He did not die easily, 6 injections before his heart finally stopped.
When I have the courage I will write his story
Take care, you are not alone. Do not ever let someone say "he was just a cat". I envy people that are like that in someways! However if that is what they think, they will have missed that magic bond that can happen between a pet and his/her owner.
For me I am old , and I know I will never have such a relationship with another animal. It passed all bounds of language. He will lie next to me in the grave when I die.
I was blessed to have such an experience. it was unique I know.
If I could stop the tears I would write his story and warn other cat owners too. Take care time does ease. Yet at this moment i wish it were months hence if only to ease the grief.

Mar 04, 2013
Thank you
by: Karissa

Tj I am very sorry to hear about Bella she must have been very beautiful. Right now thinking about everything I finally am feeling normal I miss my cat but I've come to accept that shes gone for now. It still feels very strange without her here my other cats within the last couple of days have stopped looking for her constantly. I wouldn't take back trying to save her. A few years ago I actually did put my dog Bubbles down she was half black lab and half german shepherd she was 11 almost 12. The main reason with that was she couldn't walk right anymore and towards the end she lost a lot of weight and had these sores all over her body. Thinking back I wouldv'e taken her to another vet for a second opinion on what was actually wrong with her. The vet at the time didn't seem to be the most caring he basically said that he didn't know what was wrong with her and that we should consider putting her down. Before taking her to the vet the night before it was kind of like we knew something was going to happen the next day. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story with me.

Feb 27, 2013
by: TJ

I just lost my Bella (springer spaniel) a few days ago. She was only 7 and healthy until last May when she had 3 seizures in one night. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on medication. Then by October things got worse... 5 days in critical care with pancreatitis. She had a 50/50 chance and every day I would visit her she was still fighting... she hadn't given up, I wasn't going to! Yeah... she made it... then she started with kidney issues and lastly a blood clot. She collapsed 5 days ago (OMGosh it doesn't feel that long!!) and she was completely limp, but not gone. I took rushed her to the Vet to cross the rainbow bridge. We fought 10 Months long!! I wouldn't take any of it back and will be paying the bills for the next year (not complaining as I would do it all over again).... but she was my BFF...
I tell you my story because YOU did the same... you were fighting for your kitty and she was trying her best too. If you have a 50/50 chance, what if you didn't fight... would you have wondered if you gave up too soon? It must have been horrible in that last bit of time where it was painful for her... but I am sure she knew you were fighting for her and loved her very much. If we had a 'crystal ball'.... but we don't... I am positive Oreo knew how much you were fighting and how kind you were to be there with her and in her own home and not in a Vet cage either.
So, give yourself a break.... you did all you could and it is normal to question every little thing. I am doing the same thing and wondering if I did right by my puppy.... but I am certain she knew I would have done ANYTHING to make things better and to get her healthy and also to keep her safe...
Bottom line is.... we aren't the one's in total control! Someone said that too me.... I wasn't the one making the decision- it was in God's hands... I wasn't the one in control of what would ultimately happen and when... (if you believe in a higher power, realizing this also helped me)
Good luck to you... I understand as my heart feels forever broken and I miss my girl so much too!!! (tears with you for my Bella an your Oreo!)

Feb 25, 2013
Thank you
by: Karissa

Thank you very much grief is deffinitely hard I wish I could've done more but your condolences are much appreciated Doreen my condolences to u as well and Diane I hope that she is there waiting for me along with my other pets as well

Feb 25, 2013
Little Oreo
by: Diane

What a tragic loss! I agree with Doreen though, you had no way of knowing Oreo was going to be in pain, everyone of us would 'try' to make it better, with medicine, surgery, or prayer. Oreo died at home, which is wanted by all of us, surrounded by family. Even hiding under the bed, Oreo was home, and not as stressed as if at the vets. Oreo knew love, and you did all you could. Please know we are here to share your pain and grief, we have all lost someone we love. Your sweet baby was way too young, we all think we will have a longer time with them and are shattered when we don't. You will keep Oreo alive in your heart, please try to remember the good times, not the bad. Only time will help, grieve all you need to. Please accept my condolences, RIP sweet, sweet Oreo, wait for your family at the Rainbow Bridge!

Feb 24, 2013
My little Oreo
by: Doreen U.K.

Karissa you did nothing wrong. WE make decisions all the time and we can sometimes get it right or wrong. It is part of life. The fact that Oreo died a painful death is sad but no uncommon. Your guilt is part of your grief and should eventually go in time. Just don't feed your guilt with more guilt. Find a way to let it go.
My husband had a rare and deadly cancer which lasted over 3yrs. for an aggressive, inoperable, incurable cancer. He wanted to die sooner. It was painful for me to watch him die a slow painful death and could do nothing to help him. I do understand the procedure to put pets down. But this is usually a Vetinary decision if they advise it. But for people they battle Euthanasia which is actually illegal and a crime so if you view your loss in this context you should be able to recover better.
Best wishes.

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