My little sister was brutally murdered.

by Amanda
(Winslow,IN, USA)

Kelsie and her daughter

Kelsie and her daughter

On October 29th 2013 I got a call that Kelsie had been shot 5 times in the back and once in the back of the head! I'm 27 and she had just turned 24 on oct 17th. She was shot by her baby's father. It happened right in front of her 3 yr old daughter and she seen everything. I live in a small town where u don't hear of people doing that. She stayed alive for 15 minutes then died in her house. The man was tased and charged with murder. So now the daughter lost both her mommy and her dad. That was 8 months ago and I have been struggling bad!! I feel like I just cannot handle life anymore but I have to!! And a lot of the time I think I'm going crazy. I miss her sooooo much!!!

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Sep 30, 2014
Thanks for everyone's support!
by: Amanda McDonald

Wow, I cannot believe there are ppl that I don't even know and even they care!!! Update on Kelsie. In July Christopher Morton took a plea deal of 80 years. At first I expected him to get life but as time went by I realized he will be like in late 60's or dead. Plus the prosecutor did an awesome job cuz he made it where he can NEVER EVER appeal!!! That's awesome and saves our family from a lot of sadness and the ordeal being bringing back up. That day they sentenced him it was SAD, I knew him for 7 yrs and he was a good guy when he didn't get messed up!!! BUT, he did! So when they took him outta the courtroom, I thought wow there goes another life gone. Bottom line is there was NO good to any of it. Very sad but glad at the same time.

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Jul 16, 2014
My little sister was brutally murdered
by: Doreen UK

Amanda I just wanted to say that You can't over grieve, or grieve too much. Your heart is broken and the tears will come. Something you can't force. You will cry in the strangest places and the most inconvenient times. DON'T WORRY or CONCERN yourself about what is right or wrong with your grieving. Just cry and cry. this is good grief and the crying will get less over time. Be guided by your gut instincts when to take counselling. You will know when you feel Raw grief that is overflowing and you can't move forward, and you are stuck in grief. Then is the time to do something positive to help yourself move forward with support. Do something special for yourself each day and build on it till it becomes your way of life. You will start to heal as you nurture yourself back into life and raise your self-esteem. You and family will be in our thoughts and prayers for the days ahead and the sentencing of Chris. May you all be comforted and feel Peace in the days and weeks ahead.

Jul 16, 2014
by: Amanda

It brought tears to my eyes just reading the nice things you all commented on here. And it is awesome you guys were so positive even thought you don't even know me. I feel sometimes as if I'm over grieving or grieving to much but I honestly can't help it. Also this month is by far one of the hardest!!! The killer Chris is getting sentenced on the 31 at of this month and the family has to come up with our last words we wanna say to him. And yes I agree I probably need to see a grief Councillor. I was seeing one right after it happened but realized I'm still in major shock. But thank you all for your kind words!!

Jul 15, 2014
Oh my if I could hug you
by: Anonymous

To read your story is so heart breaking. Please hold on. Please seek support, please do not give up. Life as you know is so precious and your pain is real, your love is real if I could hug you and just listen I would.
I truly am so saddened for your loss. Hold tight, one day at a time is all we can do. Today you made it, one day longer.

Jul 13, 2014
I understand your grief
by: Anonymous

Your beautiful sister is an angel and I know there are no words that can make you feel better after a horrible tragedy. I myself lost my only brother who was an innocent victim of violence. I truly understand your pain and your story brought tears to my eyes as my heart feels deeply the emotions that come from a lost sibling. I send you, your sister and your niece all my love and blessings. Lots of love to your hurt precious hearts.

Jul 12, 2014
My little sister was brutally murdered.
by: Doreen UK

Amanda this was such a cruel, senseless, and evil act upon your sister to rob her of life and her daughter. What a tragedy and loss you have to live with. I hope you have supportive family to help you through this loss. You could seriously benefit from seeing a grief counsellor to help support you and give you the space you need to process what has happened and how you move forward. Counsellors are skilled and trained and will help lift the hurt and pain from you so it is at least bearable.
There is so much hurt and pain to the families left to carry on living with this loss. My heart goes out to you in a big way. We have just had a similar murder here in the U.K. An unbalanced mother killed her three children. WE are a society in our own country and the world filled with sorrow and hurt over such aggressive acts of violence against another human being. By the Grace of God go we all. May God draw close to you at this difficult time and give you His Peace and Comfort.

Jul 10, 2014
Your loss
by: Anonymous

I was touched by the beautiful sparkly eyes your sister has, and the gorgeous curly haired daughter behind her. Your sister is the victim of domestic violence that went to the fullest brutality possible, which is to murder the woman (or victim).

The loss is shocking, sudden and great and I recommend you go to a grief counselor, write her letters, feel your pain and try to live one day at a time to recover. This won't be easy and it is extremely painful when someone takes another's life as if they themselves are God. I cannot comprehend that type of depraved entitlement, but I do know your sister feels your pain, knows you miss her, and you can find little ways to keep her alive around you.

The loss is still so new, and I am so sorry for you. I wish I could hug you and make it go away honey.


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