My Little Tail

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My 11 year old kitty Tail was my best friend and when I took him to the vet on July 22nd,2011 just to be dematted I never expected what would happen.On the way to the vet he was very distressed so I couldn't wait to get there,but when the vet came out of the room and asked me to come in I knew that something was very wrong.I walked into the exam room and saw that Tail was lying there panting very hard and not moving, still unshaved. The vet told me that he was dying and had to be euthanized. I couldn't comprehend what she was saying and then I began screaming. My sister came in to see what the screaming was about. The vet had told her that he was suffocating to death because he had a tumor the size of a potato growing in his esophagus and that if we had not brought him in when we did, he would have died within a matter of days. Had I known that he was sick I would have brought him sooner. But he showed no signs of being sick,he was as happy as ever. That is why it was such a shock because i thought that i would have him shaved that day and then i'd be able to bring him home. Never did I expect that it would be the last time. I am having such a hard time dealing with his loss that all I want to do is sleep. I hate being awake because I miss him so much and all I do is cry. I do not think that I have ever cried so much for any human being. My cat(s) have never judged me,p ut me down or anything. All I ever got from them is unconditional love. I will never get over this, I feel as though I have lost a child. I will always love you Tail.

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Aug 30, 2011
Little Tail
by: Tracy

I am so sorry for your loss, I too have lost a darling cat that was my friend for 11 years. Morris died yesterday at 9:23 am before I could get to the vet's office to tell him goodbye. I took him to the vet because he had stopped eating and they kept him to put him on IV's. They called me yesterday morning to tell me that he needed a blood transfusion and a feeding tube but that the chances of recovery was not good. I told them to get him ready I was picking him up so that he could spend his last days with those that loved him. He died before I could get there. I visited him everyday at the vets, he would not eat for them but would get up everytime I came in and even ate a bite or two of food. I can't believe he is gone, so I know what you are feeling. The grief is still so strong, but try to remember him and honor him and your love.

Aug 22, 2011
An Angel named Tail
by: Anonymous

Vera, I feel your pain....Tail was absolutely beautiful and precious. Reading about your loss is helping me too as I also am deeply grieving the loss of my 13 year old beloved cat Tiffy who died at the veterinary clinic just 2 days ago in the early hours of the morning...alone !! I am crying constantly, deep, heart-felt tears and nothing or no one can console me. I wish I had words of comfort for you to ease your pain but I am at a loss for words. Though at this early stage of my grief - as difficult as it is - I choose to believe that somehow, they are still with us, in spirit. They will always be in our hearts and we will remain in theirs. A love like ours, for our pets, and their love for us, never dies....we will be re-united one day....just like all soul-mates are. Take care love to you, Libby, from Australia.

Jul 28, 2011
My Little Tail
by: Vera Sandul

Thank You all for responding to my kitty Tail.I have had to let a few friends go because they had no compassion for my loss, but you people understand. Thank you so much. My email is if you wish to speak. I need to connect with other people that understand what it is like to lose a pet. Vera

Jul 26, 2011
I understand
by: Joanne

I am so very sorry for the loss of Tail. I do understand. It was exactly one month ago today that I brought my dog to the vets for routine surgery. The vet was only supposed to remove three growths but took it upon herself to keep a senior dog under anesthesia for over two hours plus. She then groomed him but used a surgical #40 blade....that is not grooming. She took off all his fur to remove any and every growth she could find...some of them he had since he was a puppy. My dog had a reaction to the anesthesia and I had to put him down. It is only now, a month later that things are getting better for me. I understand...we bring them to the vet thinking we are helping them and never expect such shocking news. It is hard but it will get better. You will find that each day some of the sadness turns to happy memories. Death is hard...and when we least expect it we have to deal with the added element of shock. You will find peace. Grieve, cry, feel your emotions but also know at some point you will realize life goes on. Live in the moment. Peace.

Jul 26, 2011
Precious Little Tail
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear, dear companion of Little Tail, your message touched my heart, and though I cried as I read it, it helped me as I am in grief over the loss of my Miss Blue. I can see he bless you with love and taught you how much love one of God's little one's can give, that he had a loving life with you is a blessing in it's self, but here is what is even more wondrous, to contemplate that if we are faithful in our lives here, and loving to all of God's creatures (including humans) then there will be a day, that you will see Little tail running up to you, for God shared with me that He too, loves Little Tail. And our God is a God of the living, not of the dead. And think of this, having had Little Tail in your life, you are a better person. Thank you so very much for sharing, for I too know, that though we will see them again, their loss is beyond words, but don't forget, God is a God of love, and God is faithful, sincerely and with love, Geoffrey in Scranton Pennsylvania

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