by AnnA Hernandez
(Chicago Ill )

My little tiny was a lovable creature I loved him dearly had him for about 6yrs. My brother passed him on to me because he could not handle the dog in 2004. His real name was Trouble but I didn’t like that name for a Pomeranian so I named him tiny. I had him since and care for him loved him so much. I am an animal lover. I had another dog before tiny name pito he was a boxer and ran away. We lived at an apartment for about 7 and it was so small so we decided to move and recently we rented a house so that way the dogs could have a big yard to play in. My son has a pit bull his name ammo and crazy about tiny playful sometimes they fight but love to fight territory kind of thing. Tiny was a dog that you open a door he is flying out of the house want to follow you anywhere sleeps on the edge of my bed or under my bed where it was nice and cool. He would follow me everywhere; I would go to the shower he is right there waiting for me to get out. On the bed he would play with my husband and always growled at him because my husband would place his hands on me over protected. He was a feisty little tiny always greet the visitors at home but they didn’t like tiny getting on them he was a friendly tiny. Even when I came home from work he would greet me jumping on me if I didn’t pat him he wouldn’t stop jumping and then look at me with his small shinny eyes.

But Tuesday I was bringing in a night stand in and he escaped from the bottom ran into the street I tried to get him in the car but the car hit him. The car hit him and kept on going he is so small I don’t think the driver saw him it happen so fast that when I turned again his leg was shaking up. I picked him up from the street with his eyes up and tong hanging and bleeding. I laid him on my living room floor trying to close his eyes he was still breathing I was going to rush him to the hospital vet. But it was too late. I have been crying since hoping that he was still alive. It hurts like a piece of me left with him.

I am so hurt I pray to god that he can give me the strength to keep going. Every time I think about how it happens all I can wish if the time could go back and I could fix it.
I pray to god that I will see my tiny again I don’t want another dog to take his place and I am so upset at myself so hurt hoping god can give me the strength to keep on.
Ammo misses tiny now he wants to sleep where tiny use to sleep he misses him dearly he goes by my bed and under it smelling and wondering where is my friend and brother. I hope and pray that god can send me another tiny just like him.


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Dec 21, 2013
i love you
by: janelie

tiny was a loving dog with hope we loved him with all are heart we loved you tiny he got hit by a truck we were frightened and heart broken TINY COME BACK !

Feb 13, 2013
by: kayla

remember emmma well emma is a boy so we named him emo.

Jul 16, 2012
i wish i could meet you
by: Ariana

i wish i could meet you. you are so cool. you were alive after your lucky p.s kaly loves you

Jul 16, 2012
still in my heart
by: kayla

dear tiny i dont care how many pets we get your number one but we only got one emma she is a cat
i love you forever number #1 #1 # 1 !

Apr 01, 2012
i miss you
by: janelie

dear tiny
i love you and miss you i wonder if you could ever come back if you can plese do its not just me who misses you every one else dose to amo me kayla and most of all is your mom anna herenandez
and padro hernandez your father i remember all those times you played with me but ill still remember you in my heart R.I.P TINY.

Feb 25, 2012
i never met tiny but i saw pictures
by: ariana

i think tiny is the most cute dog i've ever seen he was my friends dog

Dec 23, 2011
i miss you tiny
by: kayla

tiny was my dads dog anna hernandez is godmother its hard because i knew tiny 4 about 9/7 years
R.I.P tiny you will be loved

Dec 14, 2011
your niece
by: kayla

tiny was a lovaable little dog always freindly playfuld pet understaning love to play out doors 24hrs a aday if you left him smart dog will be missed

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