My lost family

by Jack
(Bear de)

Well christmas eve 2009. Turned out to be the worst day of my life. I was sitting home watching some tv and i heard a loud bang. Didnt think much off it but was waiting for my family to get home from shopping. So i took a walk down and as iam walking a neighbor runs up and says u cant go down there. Right than i knew i lost someone i ran down seen my wifes red minivan all destroyed i see a sheet covering up a body and than a cop has cone over and said there was mothing that could sanve your wife. I dropped to my knees and said how can i eaise four kids my self. Than a woman from the crises center comes over and says that two of my boys didnt make it and my daughter and son were beiing flown to childrens hospital. Get to the hospital but my son eas gone by than and my daughter was still alive. Which evantualy i losebher to

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Aug 22, 2013
Lost my entire family
by: Anonymous

I lost my entire family to over a period of five years. My husband died first, my Mom died five years later. Due to difficulties over her affairs, estrangement from the rest of my family has occurred. So, I am without a family. It is scary sometimes, there is no one to give me advice. I have been told that I will heal, it is hard going through the grief though.

Jul 13, 2012
MOving on
by: Jack

Thanks nancy yes my family and friends and the community has been great and i been struggling for a few yeas but am starting to get on with my life i will never be able to get clise to anyone again cause it wouldnt be fair to them my time is still spent on mourning the loss. I visit the cemetary everyday and i kept everything the same in my house but its been really hard having nightmares

Jul 12, 2012
Jack what are you doing now
by: Nancy

2009 sounds like a difficult year for you. What have you done to help yourself to ease the pain of losing your whole family. I cannot and would not even try to imagine the grief that you have had to endure. I would hope that family members, friends, and community have been able to show you a pathway to peace, and guide you on a pathway to heath, love and some joy that this world would never understand. I hope that the accident did not destroy your faith but encouraged you in it. I hope that people around you showered you with love and all the great gifts of God's love and that seemingly terrible time. God has the ability to take such a horrivic situation and make something beautiful out of it. I would like to hear from you when you are able to understand the message in the middle of the mess. Even in my darkest moments and I feel like I can not live on ...I remind myself ...that the best is yet to come...I can't see what it is...I just keep believing that it has to get better...I would like to extend that thought for you too...I don't have a definition to the what is but..I do know that when the darkness is there...the light will eventually come...and that is when the best will come as well...I will be praying for you...Nancy

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