My Love

by RL Rounds
(Springdale, AR)

Felicia, my daughter whom I nicknamed "Love" the second she was born gave birth to identical twin girls on 10/27/12. Love died the next day. (Long story but she kept bleeding & they couldn't stop it, organs began to fail, emergency hysterectomy to try & stop it, organs began to fail...). I cannot live without her. I have 3 grandchildren, an almost 7 (sept)year old grandson and 2 8 month old baby girls, Felicia
(after her mom) & Destiny (the name Love had chosen for her girl). We didn't know it was twins. Identical twins (my mom & aunt are identical, & I lost identical twin boys) run in our family. But little destiny was Behind (rather than beside) baby Felicia & was breech. Because of her positioning in the womb (bent placenta) she didn't receive the nutrients so lil' Desi has some medical issues. They and my son-in-law all live with me. They do bring me much joy but also the reminder that my Love is gone. (tears - do they Ever stop???) I was looking for a Chat room when I found this. I need to talk to people who have been through this. I feel like it's going to kill me, the grief. I know she's in heaven, but I can't talk to her. We had Never lived apart. I miss her soo much. I NEED to talk to her & know I can't.
I'm beyond broken.

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Jul 28, 2013
Your daughter
by: Kate

I absolutely know the feelings you are going through. I lost my oldest son at 39 just 8 months ago. I went into shock and numbness and then pain and deep sorrow tears from a depth I never knew and it is death of your love that brings it. It is so hard to accept when our child dies. I am still struggling. On here you will find many who understand and share your hurt,I am thankful I found this site because no one understands but those who have had to face the loss of their child. Keep coming back and express what you feel. It is still help for me.
My heart is with you in your loss.

Jul 28, 2013
My Love
by: Doreen U.K.

RL I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved daughter LOVE. This is such a sad parting of a daughter. Grief is one of our worst experiences in life and for some the worst experience. It is like nothing one can explain, and you don't heal from this loss fast. This is the very slowest process of healing I know. It will take us forever to feel anything but normal again. You will never totally recover from the loss of a child, you will only learn to live with less pain of your loss in time.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. 14 months 3 weeks ago to a deadly cancer and I feel as if he has been gone forever. I need to see him so desperately as I miss him so much it hurts all the time. There seems no release from this pain of grief. For children to grow up without a mom is so very cruel. You will be of an age where you could do with the support you need to look after 3 young children who will be very active. I hope that you all get through this grief with good support. May God Comfort you all from your pain and sorrow of the loss of a daughter/wife.

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