My lovely cat Socks.

by Ingrid farrell

My cat Socks died a few days ago at the age of thirteen,
Up till three months ago he had been the most strong active and funniest of cats, he had a great sense of humour, especially
at night when we were in bed. To get our attention he would
rattle his plate loud, or rattle the pictures on the wall.
He suffered from gum disease, and was on steroids. For a
while he responded well to this treatment. Last week he seemed to become weaker, not wanting to drink or eat and sat between
the front door and garden , sometimes trying to hide in his favourite bushes outside. We knew he was getting ready for the end
and by the time the vet could come he had passed away.
He is buried in his favourite territory where he had enjoyed so much of his life.
Our family miss him so much, we have cried for days.
We would give anything to see that lovely black and white face again with that special wise look he gave us. A wonderful companion.

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Aug 20, 2012
by: Ingrid

Thank you for your kind words.
Even though I still cry over Socks and
find it hard particularly in the mornings when he is no longer waiting or rattling plates for food I have got a little better thanks to family,
friends, and, the vet who understood what I was going through. he himself had just lost a cat to old age.Regards Ingrid

Aug 19, 2012
My lovely cat Socks.
by: Doreen U.K.

Ingrid how sad to lose a pet. I can identify with this and it never gets any easier. Knowing that one day we will lose people and pets from our life doesn't stop us from Living our life and enjoying each other and pets. But when we lose them the pain is so severe we wonder how we can go on in life with such pain in our heart and soul. It is a pain that you can't get relief from soon. It runs its course. Death carries a sting and it is this sting that we feel greatly. You will go on to have other pets and love them and make new memories. Try and keep a journal of all the pets you have and keep writing. You will have these memories forever and they will sustain you in difficult times. LOSS is painfull and hard at any time. You will eventually move forward.

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