My Loving Son

My son was 33 years old when he passed away. He was separated from his wife there were many problems with her. Two days before he died his wife had threatened to have him killed if he did not give her all the income tax check. He tried to get her to go to the bank to cash the check to divide the check. His grandmother waited for him at her bank because his wife picked him up in her suv. My mother, his grandmother called him because the bank was closing in 15 minutes. He told her his wife was going to take him somewhere else to cash the check. That was the last time my mother spoke to him. The next day we didnt hear from my son so i suggested to my mother to go to my son's apartment, when we arrived there were a crowd of people and police. i was looking for my son's apartment. A lady in the crowd asked me if she could help me because i was looking for my son. This lady asked me my son's name i told her and she took me by my shoulders and said my son was found dead in his apartment. i thought my world came to an end, it was like there was no one else in the world but me. i was told by the police his wife had the door knocked down she told the police he had a heart attack because of drugs. She told the police he had a heart problem. After the autopsy he did not have a heart attack or any problem with his heart. However, he was full of crack. When i went to see him at the funeral home his face was so bruised all over and his left eye was popped out. The police ruled it as drugs. i tried to talk to the police about all the problems my son had with his wife and the abuse, physical and mental abuse. He was afraid of her and her family he told me one day, i try to tell him to get away from her. The police would not help me because he had drugs they closed it out. His wife was very abusive with my son, her children and had assaulted me in my home nearly killed me i did press charges on her. i even involved child protective services. The children fear her they would come to me i tried to help them however, when child protective services questioned them they lied to them. i have tried to get someone to help look into my son's death no one wanted to help. Everyday since his passing i wonder what happened in his apartment, who all was there. i was told there was blood all over from the kitchen to the bathroom where he locked himself in. i could see something was going to happen to my son. i have no one to help me look into his death, really look into it. i was told by a couple of his coworkers, my son would come to work with bruises and he told them his wife had did that to him. i also talk to another former coworker, and told me she hit him at seaworld in front of him and their children and he never hit her and a lady collector told me over the telephone that my son looked scared of his wife. My brother felt the my son was setup.

This is my story, he was my only child. My life has never been the same and never will be . When my son died he took my heart. i have nothing to give, my family has not been any support. i try to explain how i feel, it's like a shock to my body, my brain. its been a long sad road for me to hurt alone. i say a lot of prayer and talk to god and take therapy but it doesnt take my hurt away nothing will and so many tears. i just find ways to cope.

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Aug 02, 2014
Abuse of
by: Dianne-my son

My heart and soul goes out to you, my darling son was married to a nasty bully who physically beat him up and used and abused him. They are so very clever in their action so no one believe my son. He was a very clever man but also a very forgiving person. Time after time we took him home when he was hurt. Finally he walked away only to replace the abuser with the most narccistic person who called the police if he disagreed with her and had him locked up, in this country the female is always believed. My son was the most loveliest kind forgiving person I know, but within 8 months she had destroyed him. Emptied out his home with an ex boyfriend placed a bottle of vodka in my sons hand one months before he died. I tried so hard to bring him home, to be safe, but he would,nt leave in case she came back, and the last day I held him in my arms, told him we were going home to sort stuff out but would be back with him in 2days and stay with him for as long as it took till he was back on his feet again then hopefully he would come home. The next afternoon my baby was dead, he didn't answer his phone I knew in my heart but I did,nt want to acknowledge it. Alcohol poisoning . Autopsy result no sign of long time abuse. She had a new boyfriend within 2 weeks

Mar 07, 2012
Feel your pain
by: rayolife

I lost my son David, age 28, in a highway accident, a un-licensed commercial truck driver, repeat DUI offender, hit his motorcyle in a head-on collision. He had just returned from fighting in Afghanistan for 15 months! The doctors refused to let me see him. I am a recently retired school teacher, single, and totally devastated like you...It has been 3 1/2 years of HELL... everything reminds you of your tremendous loss. The loneliness is unbearable. I just exist from sunrise to sunset. I have to stay busy 24/7 to keep my mind occupied or I would go INSANE! Read positive books, write your thoughts in a journal, talk to friends who will listen over and over again! Volunteer for an organization that would bring honor to your son's memory.

Mar 04, 2012
To the mother of a loving son.
by: Anonymous

Hello mother of a loving son,

I hear you, I believe you, and yet all I can offer is the knowledge that your story is known by another.

Bless you mother of a loving son and I hope that your life will get better and one day the truth of your boy's death will come out.

from me.

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