My Mama died last May 30, 2012 at 2:30 AM

by Carlos Angelito

My mother is the greatest gift of God for me. She guided me since I was a little boy until I became an engineer. But things did not goes better during those days. My father and his brothers and sisters oppressed us. He did not stand by his responsibility as a father and a husband to us. He is not giving any money to my mother but he gave willingly to his brothers sisters and nephews and niece. My mother is the only person on my side. When my father doesn't give enough money anymore for my tuition my mother work and have a parlor to sustain my studies. I finally graduated. And when I first work, I gave her all my salary as my gratitude for her. I know she was so pleased. But I didn't become successful in life. She grow older and she had a heart enlargement. I sustain her medicine and even hospitalization. Three times I brought her to the hospital. The last is her death last May 30. She died at the age of 81. Before she died I did what I know is best. I invited a pastor elder of our church to anoint her with oil. She confirmed also her acceptance for Christ. That is the best I know more than any material things I can do for her. Now that she is gone I missed her a lot and I cannot help myself crying when I am alone.

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Oct 20, 2012
Dealing with the pain
by: Anonymous

I also lost my mommy on October 6, 2012 at the age of 65 to Cancer. It is difficult to lose your best friend. Everyday I ask God to give me the strength to overcome this pain. And I ask you to do the same. Just know that your mom as well as mine. Are now resting in the arms of Jesus Christ, where there is no more worry,pain, or suffering. May God give you strength.

Oct 12, 2012
It's hard to realized that she is gone
by: Carlos Angelito

Now that Christmas is approaching and also my birthday, this will be the first time that she will not be around anymore....

Sep 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Greive until you feel better, don't worry about what others may think, I am there with you and so is Christ. Remember to pray and ask God to ease the hurt. I my mom passed away October of last year, I am really having it rough.

Sep 10, 2012
my mama died last may
by: silver

Just as a note,I lived in Quezon City for 3 yrs(when I was 16-almost 19)I graduated high school at Sangley Naval Base. I enjoyed my time there. I loved the people. That's where I joined the Lutheran religion in a missionary church. I knew GOD before this but I grew in my faith there.I tell you this because I want you to know that GOD our FATHER is sitting in HEAVEN so proud of his son for his good life and the care he gave his mother. Mary was called the most prized of mothers,which shows how GOD loved mothers. Others are right.Allow GOD to deal with your other family.You can continue to love them and pray for them. They need to find GOD or they will not join HIM in HEAVEN and that is so sad. Continue your life with GOD my friend. I lost my mom June 30,2012.She was my friend also since I became a mother in 1969.I miss her so much.I also cry for her even though it has been almost 2 years. I don't cry every day anymore so it does get better but it is still hard. My darling departed husband had a comment: you never get over it,you just learn how to deal with it. GOD BLESS you and keep you.

Sep 10, 2012
I'm thankful for all of your comments
by: Carlos Angelito

Your comments give me strength to move on knowing that I am not alone sharing the same grief for the lost of a love one like my Mama. I leave to the Lord what my father and his relatives did to us. I know that God is a God of justice and they will be answerable to God for what they have done to us.

Sep 10, 2012
My Mama died last May 30, 2.30a..m.
by: Doreen U.K.

Hi Carlos Angelito, Thank you for your your lovely story, but my sincere sympathies for the loss or your Mama. You did a fine job of caring for your mother. When our loved ones like your father don't fulfill their duties of caring for your mother God is not pleased with this. In the Bible it says if any man does not care for the needs of his family he is worse than an infidel. You took over and fulfilled this duty. This finds favour with God and you will be Blessed. It does not matter if we are successfull in life by way of a career and good paying job. If it doesn't happen just knowing God and knowing He cares for us He will see you to the end of your days. God Blesses some with wealth and some remain poor all their lives but God is in control and those who are poor are rich if they know and depend on God for everything. Leave your father and his brothers and sisters to God. God in his Bible talks about oppression. God will deliver us from our oppressors. Your mother is FREE now. She is safe with God. You will see her again in eternity. Remember we are just passing through this land and our eternal home is to come. We are not meant to make ourselves so comfortable on earth as if it was our permanent home. Your mother reached a good age. One will still grieve but when someone reaches their 80's then this is a Blessing and one can be more comfortable with our loved one's passing. When the elderely get to a certain age and life become difficult and even when one needs to be cared for it makes them feel helpless and uncomfortable being cared for and losing their own dignity and freedom and they are ready to die.
My husband died of cancer 4 months ago and I am heartbroken. We were married 44yrs. I nursed him for over 3yrs. with cancer. I had to watch him died slowly and this is what breaks my heart. I would have loved to spend some quality time with him as he approached retirement. He did not get to enjoy his life. He went from working hard for 47yrs. to cancer to death. He was a very tired man working hard for us his family. He did not get to enjoy his lovely home he built for us. This HURTS. I asked God to give him a beautiful mansion that he is preparing for us when He comes back for us. so that my husband can enjoy life FOREVER. My husband also was anointed for healing but died 8 hours later. This is the best one can do for their loved one. Saved for Eternity to live with God forever in the earth made new. CONGRATULATIONS!!! on graduating. You will grieve for some time and then healing will take place. You will always have your mama in your heart and her love to sustain you forever. I hope you find LOVE in life and find life meaningful again after your mama's passing. Best wishes for the future.

Sep 08, 2012
Thanks for your advices and Comforts
by: Carlos Angelito

I am so grateful for all your advices and comfort for my grief. Honestly it helps a lot. And it ease the pain in my heart.

Sep 08, 2012
My Prayers are with you Carlos
by: Linn

I am so sorry for the great loss of your mother. I lost my mother in 1989 and it took a long time before I was able to talk about her without crying. I know I started to heal when I was able to write about my thoughts and feelings in a journal. I pray that each day will bring you closer to a place where you will at last be at peace. May God bless and comfort you.

Sep 08, 2012
The Greatest Gift
by: Anonymous

You gave your mother the greatest gift that exists, ie, the gift of eternal life with Jesus. Bless you for being such a wonderful son! Pray to God for comfort until you are reunited again, and then those tears of sorrow will be turned to joy.

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