my man left me last Friday

by bebe

i couldn't breath when i hear he died..
we planed meet at Friday noon, but he did not attend ,then i txt him ,not reply at all, thought he was busy as a single dad, i txt him ,where are you darling, i miss you..
no reply....till Sunday night ,his brother says: my brother died Friday morning..i cant believe that cant even think about that my lovely man just left me without a goodbye..
i still remember last time saw him was Monday morning,he looks tired sad, he says, darling, love you, see you when i back
....he s bit shy gentleman ,but that morning i did feel something unusual ,hard to tell..till Sunday night i recognized that i worried him so much those days,
...he died maybe Thursday middle night or Friday morning,
before our date...
my endless tears , no where to hide my pain,
still have to work...
my love, my man, how can you left me like this.......
i think i will never love anymore,
my love is gone,he took all of my mind..

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Jul 20, 2014
thanks for lovely words
by: bebe

stayed in bed whole weekend,
imagined that if i ringed him at Thursday ,which i did think want to ask him to go somewhere with me,
but i didnt call him,maybe if i did that my man would be here right now..we planed cooking this week...and all food still in my fridge ..we planed go to watch a movie..planed travel to bali or thai at September ..planed lots lots...
THE friday was frozen after storm , he must be so sore and cold without any one besides him...he must try to ask for help but no one ...i dont know, just non stopping guessing ..
now,the sky is crystal clear blue,the sunshine looks so cruel ,the busy life looks ridiculous ,all of plans will never gonna happen without him..
no one near me could help ,coz no one understood or experienced the pain im having ,
but thanks everyone here who could understand that sadness , i can talk to ..
wish we all go through ..

Jul 20, 2014
lost the love of your life
by: Anonymous


I know exactly how you must be feeling as I too lost my husband last month.
I hope you have someone near to you that can sort everything out or guide to sort everything out.
I am lucky to have a son near bye, who usually works abroad. He has been a wonderful help when one's mind is still lost for words.
If you do have a family one has to try and think what is best for them, they wouldn't want to lose two in short period.

Take care,


Jul 19, 2014
my man left me last Friday
by: Doreen UK

Bebe I am sorry for your loss of the man you loved.
When you fall in love and then lose that person it can tear you apart in so many ways that you cannot explain or understand. Grief is a language we all know on this site, and our pain is the same CRUSHING. UNBEARABLE. UNFAIR. It does hurt to live now and you can't enjoy life the same way wondering who you will lose next. We know that we have to carry on living whether we feel like it or not. All we can do is to build ourselves up so that we heal enough to carry on living. The best way forward is by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. Healing from grief is such a slow process we have to go through. May God comfort you in your sorrow and loss of your man.

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