my mom a woman i called shorty

by ted childers jr
(waterford ct usa)

l lost my mom jan 30 2012 i am a 57 year old man l am completely lost aimless sick no appetite sad restless and heartbroken life seems meaningless now she dyed of renal failure i took care of her everyday and i watched her slowly improve then slowly decline it hurts me so l cant find any joy in anything now to sum it up lm lost nervous cant sleep and no drive for anything l cant talk to family because they hurting too and dont want be selfish IM JUST LOST SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND IN LIFE NOW SHES GONE IN A BLINK OF AN EYE

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Feb 09, 2012
Sabrina LOST Sums It All Up !!
by: Teddy

Sabina I Know you feel the same pain and lost empty feeling I do Its hurts to watch our moms slowly fade from our lives IM very sure your mom was a kind sweet selfless woman as mine was These things are the reason it hurts more. Good kind people as our moms leave a brand on our hearts forever I Too wish warm hugs and comfrot to you when you hurt We both deaserve peace afterall we are both prouducts of lovings MOMS And their love flows though us both!! I Check these postS daily please feel free to write me back its helps to talk with each other PEACE TEDDY

Feb 09, 2012
by: Sabina

Lost my 90 yo mother to renal failure on 31.1.2012. I EMPATHISE with you totally. Your post echoes my situation exactly so I send you my love and gentle hugs.

Feb 07, 2012
I'm with you Ted
by: Richy

I am truly sorry for your loss. My Mother died suddenly on 18th January 2012. Most of the things you wrote I too feel. Like you wrote, my Mum was actually my best friend.

I am 26 and feel a mix of shellshock, heaviness, depression and then occasional moments of denial, like she'll just come home.

I think our Mums would want us to do for ourselves what they always wanted us to do. My beautiful Mother once said (of the traumas I suffered during years of Bipolar 1 episodes) that the intensity of it all will dim over time.

She was right about that, so I ask her to reassure me it is true of this scenario.

Take care and always remember there is another dimension/side/afterlife where we can meet back up with them (I've had enough weird signs since her passing to know that now)

Richy in England.

Feb 07, 2012
thank you mei mei
by: teddy

thank you for careing and taking time for my sorrow when you have you own im very sorry about your mom i too am a big baby at heart eventhough l was a us paratrooper with the 82nd airborne im still a softy at heart love my mom dearly as im sure you do yours this is the most painfull thing lve been though in my life and ive had many tramatic things in my life this outweighs them all i can tell you are a kind caring person the kind of person that makes this world a better place to be in thank you mei mei i wish you happiness all your days teddy

Feb 07, 2012
She loves u and want u to be strong n take gd care of yourself
by: Mei Mei

Share your pain... My mummy when on the trip on 23 Dec 2011 without any illness but just happen to fall ... I couldn't take it... cos I've been a big baby for all the 44 yrs and lived only for her... But it is a irreversible change, you must be strong... She would want you to be strong and take good care of yourself. Remember : You have taken good care of her and done what you can when she is alive. Now that she is away, you should take it that she went on a long long trip. Then the pain will be a little bit easier to live with.

Feb 06, 2012
thank you anonymous about my mom shorty
by: Anonymous

ive read your responce to my grief over the death of my sweet mom shorty it was so nice of you to have the time to console me when youve just lost you sister 5 days before my moms passing my mom would have liked you she was allways thinking of others ahead of herself im very sorry for your loss also lts so painfull to cope with things isnt it i hope my moms love flows though me and comforts you lm very sorry for pain l to have many losses in my life my older brother commited suicide in 1985 and to mention im divorced from my wonderfull wife since 1988 who is a wonderfull person my mom loved her to i hope youre finding some kind of peace i struggle ever day now thank you for you kind heart teddy childers jr

Feb 05, 2012
Shorty - loves you
by: Anonymous

Shorty loves you. She understands your pain, but she would like nothing better if you could talk about that pain. We are all as sick as our secrets. Find a good friend, a counselor, or a minister. Write a Hello Mom letter, telling her how much you miss her, tell her what the pain is like, what is going on in your world since she's been gone, but do it in short measure, take time to eat, take time to sleep, make sure your showering, go get exercise even if it's just to the mall for groceries. You didn't say if you were married, or had a significant other. Hug them, cry on their shoulder, they want to be there for you. Remember they are hurting too. I lost my sister January 26, 2012. I have had many loses and I am finding it extremely helpful just be writing comments on the grief blog. Maybe that will help you to. I hope this helps.

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