My mom died of a stroke at 43yrs old

by Amber gardner
(West virginia)

It all started last Monday March 24 2014 when she suddenly went into convoulsions and bad to be flown to charleston and be put in to an induced coma . They tried to wake her wedsday but it did not work and on Monday after giving her the weekend to awaken the did another MRI and found out that she had not one but three strokes and was gonna die as there was nothing else they could do except try to make her as comfortable as possible . She passed away the next evening or last night. I miss her so much she was only 43 yrs old and I am only 16 yrs old. Mom you are going to be ok you are with Jesus now and heaven watching over me. :(

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May 19, 2014
My Mother died the same day
by: Oedipus

My Mother died that very same day. She was fine that morning, but had a medical test scheduled which she didn't want or need. She did it, as she told me, because the doctor kept pressuring her. And it killed her.

May 02, 2014
So you don't feel alone
by: Mikalah

My name is Mikalah, I lost my mama just last month on April 14th 2014. I am 18... And my mama was only 41. She died of septic shock which led to heart failure... It was so so so sudden... She had went in for a surgery on her stomach and was even about to get released, but then she developed something called ARDS. They put her into a induced coma... She was in that machine and coma for 2 weeks... I was by her side for 2 weeks. I stopped going to class, I'm in college and I came home to either be by her beside or be with my 13 year old brother. I prayed and prayed and prayed. But on April 14th I was called in because my mom needed a procedure, once I got there the doctor sat us down and called the Chaplin in. I knew that wasn't normal because why the Chaplin?? ....she proceeded to tell me about how my moms night went. Staring me directly in the eyes, then she got to the end and started to look away... She told me my mom had passed that morning. At 8:07am they did all they could.... I felt like my whole entire world was closing in around me. I felt like my heart had been crushed. I felt like I couldn't break. I felt like screaming. I just wanted my mama... And now, not even a month later, I still just want my mama. I've had to step up. My brothers father died when he was 5... So I'm all he has. This month has been a blur. But everyday gets worst. Not easier. Everyday I have to face that she isn't here. That I won't ever hear her voice or be able to tell her to get out my room... I won't ever get to eat her cooking or call her when I hear something crazy.... My whole world, all I've ever known was taking from me. I just want you to know that you are not alone. You think no one understands how you feel. Well I promise I feel your pain, I feel my pain. All we want is our mamas... But we have to have faith that they are with The Lord. We have to believe that he has a plan. Even though we do not understand. I'm so sorry for you losing your mama baby girl, and I will be praying for you, and please pray for me. I hope this helps.

Apr 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

My mom died in icu after a stroke at the age of 55 and I am only 12 I was too afraid to visit her in icu because I knew she would never be the same and she passed away I never saw her like that and I never knew she was ill I just left my house and said bye and I went to school when I got home I was told that she had a bleed in her brain and was in a coma that same night she died 3 days later and has most of her organs donated so at least she gave other people there lives back it's hard but my dad ,brother ,sister & me are coping I'm glad she didn't die a painful death but the only advice I can give to you is keep thinking of all the happy memories you had with your mom things will get better .

Apr 03, 2014
My mom died of a stroke at 43yrs. old
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of your mom at such a young age, and for you being so young and still a teenager who still needs a mom's nurturing. I hope that you have significant other family member to support you as you try to cope with your loss. Grief at any age is so very painful, but to lose mom when you still need her nurturing is especially hard to deal with.
Try so hard to talk to a counsellor or another adult who will support and understand your loss and your grief. None of us has any special answers to coping with grief, but we have all learned that we go through it better ONE DAY AT A TIME. We learn from each other so that we don't become confused about what grief is, and how long it lasts. At the moment you will feel grief will last forever. But it doesn't. You get good days and bad days. You will learn to embrace the bad days with Hope as you get through each day. We will all be here to support you so feel free to write back. May God comfort you and give you His Peace, in the midst of your sorrow.

Apr 03, 2014
Dear Amber
by: Teri - London

I am so sorry that you have lost your Mom. It's hard to loose a mother at any age, but especially as you are still in High School. I am a year younger than your Mom.

My Mum passed nine months ago, again after having three strokes (in seven days). She was 62.

I felt numb, went into auto, made sure other family members were ok. It's later after the church service. That's when the grieving will begin.

Try to eat regularly and rest as much as you can. When you need to talk, do! Use this website to find other teens who have gone through what your going through. If you have a counsellor at school, go and talk to them. But, if your not ready that is perfectly normal. You will know when the time is right.

As an adult, I can assure you, that everyone will be there, to support you.

Love and Hugs

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