My mom died of Alzheimer's disease

My mom passeed away on Christmas eve from Alzheimer's disease. This is the saddest time of my entire life! We still have gifts for her that are not opened. I feel i have lost my mom as well as my best friend to this horrible disease that took her life much faster than we all thought. I cried and drank for 8 straight days, and i don't even like alcohol! i slept a few hours during the day, and cried all night. My eyes are still swollen. Does it get any better?

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Feb 06, 2013
My mom died of Alzheimer's disease
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Broken hearted daughter. I am so sorry for your loss of your Mom to Alzheimer's disease. It was such a difficult time of the year to die. Christmas is a family celebration and to lose a loved one at this significant time of year just adds to your grief. It is so painful to know that gifts out of love were not opened. I can understand you pain and your need to drink to block out the pain. Grief and Death are so very painful and there is no painkiller medication for this. WE all just go on and suffer the pain for ever. You asked "Does it get any better"? It has to otherwise our Grief would kill us. The initial days after the death one is so busy tying up all the administration around this that one becomes numb to the loss until days later and on going when everything doesn't make sense and it feels as if we are in LIMBO. Disbelief. Shock. Can't believe it. It is a very lonely time after a death. If you have supportive family and friends this is most helpful otherwise life becomes more unbearable. You can find support in seeing a grief counsellor who would help you work out your grief to a place where it was more manageable and less painful. For everyone their loss is different and can last longer depending on the nature of the bond and relationship with the one who has died.
I never thought I would lose my husband after 44yrs. of marriage. He had a deadly cancer and I nursed him for over 3yrs. when he died 10 months ago. This is the worst experience I have ever gone through and hope I don't go through another loss like this. The grief and pain is unbearable. WE all have to carry on each day and LIVE our lives whether we like to or not. But take your time. Don't rush CHANGE. Change will happen slowly in order to be effective and Heal us from our Loss.

Feb 06, 2013
Think of Mom watching you.
by: Joanpi67

It helps me to think of my lost partner Mark watching me because I'm sure that he is.... Would I be making him proud of me? Think of the very best moments and quietly allow your mind to wonder around them, and go ahead and cry it out as often as you will.... Don't drink, it worsens things... Just relax, you still have your Mom to talk to, and do it. The responses will come to you. No, after nine months, I can say it doesn't get better... Or at least it doesn't for me. I just have evolved to some coping skills, and my antidepressant helps too.

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