My mom made us break up and we still love eachother deeply?

by Brettlyne

So my mom says im to young for all this stuff im 13 my boyfriend is 14. She made us break up. We've been daiting for two months and she let us see eachother three times in those two months with my sisters supervision, one was just for a split second. I cry myself to sleep, i lay awake and just zone out into thought. He almost killed himself claiming that it would of been better for me and my family. WE are both flunking. Times are tough. He offered to speak with my mom which i find so mature and caring for a 14 year old boy. We love eachother. I cant cope. She took away my phone and laptop so i cant have any contact with him we dont talk about anything dirty or stupid so i dont see why she'd do that. She made us break up two times and then i talked to her the second and she promised she'd let us see eachother but we havent since the talk. Im devistated please help me, help me figure out how to make my mom realize were perfect for eachother and let us date.

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Jun 06, 2012
dont worry
by: Anonymous

your 13 yrs old, i know u feel like he's the one and nobody understands but trust me ..your mother knows best! I'm 20 years old and i remember feeling like that when i was 13, trust me it'll pass by in time, i see nothing wrong with talking to him, but i would focus on school.. because ones your out of school how will you continue? i know a boyfriend is the best and only thing your thinking about right know , me there are a million guys out there and nobody ends up with there middle school bf. in time you will understand ..but i know your pain now ,,because i went threw in when i was 13.. i went back out with him when i was17 ..and wow was my mom right..people change while there growing up, you will grow and mature. your mother is trying to protect you, you don't want to be a teenage pre go girl with no profession. your mom docent want you to struggle in life, ..a boy is not important right now... make a goal.. date when your a senior in h.s

Jun 06, 2012
Mom is Right!
by: Anonymous

I'm sory Brettyline, your Mom is right. She knows things you just won't understand right now and she is only wanting to protect you from that. You're much too young to be in a serious relationship.
She's wanting to protect you from boys who would otherwise abuse you or use you and at your young age that's what most boys will do. Keep this letter for when you are 18 and then tell us if your Mom is right.

Most women will tell you to focus on your education and just having fun. Life gets serious enough when you are older. Enjoy being a kid.

My first so called loves are long gone and married to someone else.

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