My mom, my best friend, my mentor, my Goddess

My mom passed away on August 20th,2012 suddenly with a heart attack at the age of 68 in India. I was in USA, I called her to go on video chat(oovoo). My dad said, they are going to doctor for a check up. I sensed worry in his voice, but he didn't tell me exactly. After that I got worried and called my brothers who were also away and told them there is something going on and he is not telling us. Later after few hours, I came to know that the family doctor asked to take her to emergency as she must have had a heart attack. They were taking her to the operation theater to do angiography at the door she collapsed and never came back. They thought, she got scarred of the surgery. I feel so guilty to be so far away and did not give her courage. They kept the body for me, my heart shattered to see her in the cold glass box. I felt that I made her suffer after death also. I feel that I did not help my mom, she was always very kind and giving. They did not know it was a heart attack, the previous night she had nausea and felt week, they thought it was indigestion. The loss is unbearable, I keep thinking if they would have known it was a heart attack and have taken her directly to the emergency she would have survived. I came back to US, my dad moved in with my brother. Every day I cry, I miss her so much, I can't sleep in the night.

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Sep 26, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss...just lost my beloved mother...
by: Linda Jade

I am so sorry that you lost your dear mother. I discovered this site last night when I was searching for a way to connect with others who have suddenly lost their moms.

I understand, all too well, how you feel.

This is So awful and there is No Way for anyone to understand unless they have been through it or are going through it.

I hope you have loving friends and family surrounding you with as much love and comfort as possible.

I don't know anything that can mend this terrible loss and heartbreak.

Please forgive me if I sound disconnected...I just wanted to write and say I relate.

My sympathy and condolences to you and your family...

Sep 26, 2012
My mom, my best friend, my mentor, my Goddess
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your mother suddenly. It is so hard to live far away. This is the time when someone is ill and you have to fly home urgently it becomes difficult. I am a mom also and we know that we rear our children and set them free to live their own lives. A mom does not expect to hold onto her grown up children forever. You just go through life and do what you have to. You did not cause your mom to die. I was living 2 hours away and got home too late when my mom died 9 years ago. So I know how hard it was for you. My cousin's husband in India suddenly died of a heart attack and her mother lives in the USA. We have to go where life takes us. It is sad when it is far away. I have a sister and family living in Canada and a sister and family living in Australia. It is difficult when someone dies. You have to find the money from somewhere to fly home for the funeral. My sister in Australia has had to do this many times. She has had to come for the funeral of our mother, nephew, and now my husband who died 5 months ago from cancer. We will grieve for a long time for the family who leave this world. Life will be lonely for a long long time.

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