My Mom, my best friend...65 years young!

by Carmie
(Sylacauga, AL)

They say time, where do you get time! She was young, beautiful, my everything. My husband, my grown son, no one needs me. I am not important to anyone. My Mom needed me, lifted me, comforted me. We shared everything! My dad died 8 years ago, so it was me and her against the world! We did absolutely everything together. I miss her so, nothing matters to me and I don't matter to anyone. I pray for the day I am with her. Glad to have somewhere to put these feelings tonight! The tears and pain never seem to let up, she has been gone 10 weeks tomorrow. I miss her more and more everyday!

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Aug 27, 2013
Waiting for my phone call
by: Becky

Dear Carmie, I understand your pain & agony. I lost my Mother on Aug.1, 2013. I have been so lost without her. I could tell my Mother anything, and she always had time for me. She listened with her heart. Every day my Mother would call me at work. I would start watching the clock around the time that she would call. I now catch myself every day watching the clock and waiting for my phone call to realize I will not be getting my call today. At times my stomach feels like it is knots, and I fell so over whelmed with grief. I take comfort in knowing that my Mother is in heaven, alive, & well. Some day I will see her again. I will pray for you to be blessed with family & friends to help you thru this difficult time, and for your heart to be strong. Your Mom will always be with you because she is forever in your heart.

Jul 14, 2013
thinking of you.
by: Anonymous

I lost my mum nine weeks ago and I feel like my whole world has fallen apart, I loved with my mum and like yourself my mum and I did everything together. I miss just talking to her and hearing her laugh seeing her smile. I honestly can't picture going the rest of my life without her! For the first few weeks I could hardly function but I keep remembering my mum when my grandmother passed away saying to me life goes on and you just have to get on with it. At times that helps and sometimes it just feels like a weight is pushing me under so I know your grief and know that I am thinking of you tonight.

Feb 16, 2013
by: Kathleen

Dear Carmie. I am feeling near you as I lost my best friend, my Dad, 3 weeks ago and this week has been the worst since the day he died and I am feeling as you felt when you wrote. I hurt all over,both inside and out and feel physically ill some days. God Bless you love and your dear Mum and God Bless my dear Dad.x

Feb 05, 2013
I lost my mom, my dearest friend September 2012
by: Michelle

I'm so sorry for your loss and I do understand your pain. I never ever thought it would hurt this much. My mom was 74 and I am 40. I can't believe I have to live the rest of my life without her. She was everything to me and my girls and we were everything to her. It hurts to know that there is no one else in this world that loves your kids like your mom did. I do have a husband and yes he loves us... But there is nothing like a moms love. Prayers to you.

Jan 30, 2013
I lost my mom Sept 10th 2012
by: Lynne

She was my best friend too, and i know exactly ho you feel. reading your post felt like me talking, except I am a single mom of a 15 yr old who understands nothing. So sorry for your loss, I will pray for you. :)

Dec 13, 2012
Thoughts and Prayers
by: Anonymous

Dear Carmie,
I'm so sorry for your loss and I understand that it feels like no one cares but they do and they need you. I think it's easier for the people who aren't hit as deeply by the loss to forget how hurt you feel . This being said its not intentional it is just the way thing are. I hope you can find some peace this holiday season. I will think of you and and hope you will find the strength to endure this. Peace to you my friend

Dec 11, 2012
Thanks to all
by: Anonymous

I have not read anything lately. It has been the most horrible time. My Mom and I did everything, everyday, especially during the holidays together. We decorated, shopped and baked. I am lost. Trying to survive. Thanks to all that have responded it does help. Continue to pray as I will for you, sincerely.

Nov 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am so thankful to have found this site. I thought I was going to die from pain and isolation. You guys have already, in less than 48hrs. have been such a help. I am a little less overwhelmed. Thanks to those who have responded, it means so very much. Today was tolerable. With love and appreciation. Carmie

Nov 11, 2012
My Mom, my best friend .....65 years young!
by: Doreen U.K.

Carmie I am so sorry for your loss of your mom at 65yrs. I just lost my husband of 44yrs marriage 6 months ago to cancer and he was 65yrs. I am in the throes of grief just like you.
I know you had such a great mother and daughter relationship, and this grief may make you feel that you are not important and don't matter to anyone, not even your husband or grown son. This may just be grief making you feel like this. I am astounded that I feel this way also and I have no need to. Grief has made me feel that no one would miss me, and yet I know they would. Grief makes me feel unimportant to anyone and everyone will be happy when I am not here, but I know it is not true. It is because everyone is going on with their own lives untouched by the depth of my grief.
I hope that you will be able to talk to your husband and grown son and let them know how you are feeling? They may surprise you. You may benefit from seeing a grief counsellor who would be the best person to help carry the pain of your loss and help you move forward into a happier frame of mind. I know counselling is very good. It helped me greatly years ago. I wouldn't be able to support everyone the way I did if I did not have this good foundation. There is no Pain to equal the pain of grief that tears one in two you wonder how you can go on without your loved one. I hope that you have other family members who will be able to support you the way you need. It does make a difference having a good support structure.

Nov 11, 2012
by: Recently bereaved daugher

Yes, I understand your grief.
I have no family to talk to just a sister in law who never bothered with mom who tells me to move on.

I take some comfort as I hope you will that you were there when she needed you.

It seems cruel that a mom can be young in mind and body and still be snatched from us.
Thinking of you and hoping this journey gets easier for us all.

Nov 10, 2012
best wishes to you
by: Joel

I hope you can overcome your intense grief and that you can look forward to a time of fond memories

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