My mom the legend

by rebaone
(northwest mafikeng)

I lost my mom on the 29th July 2014 at about 4pm. That was the most horrible day of my life. She has always been sick, with Asthma, sugar diabetes even took insulins 4 times a day, she had high blood, athritis, so for many years me and my siblings would see her going in and out of hospitals, and we took care of her always making sure that she gets the care and the love she deserves, it was this year when she went to icu the second time around that I felt her slip through my fingers, seeing her in that much pain almost killed me, everyday when I saw her it tore me apart she couldn't even speak as her heart had failed then on the 28th the doctor told me that both her kidneys had failed and that she was no longer responding to medication, it was on tuesday that fateful day when I had to watch my mom take her last breathe my whole world crushed right infront of my eyes as I knew that I had lost the love of my life forever. I take each day as it comes, some days the pain is too much some days I do get by, how do I erase 28 years of my life of living with this woman, she loved me I knew that and she did know how much I loved her and I did get to see her go away even say goodbye even feel that she is in a better place now and not in pain anymore but still the pain doesn't go away. Everyday comes with pain and sadness everytime I think of her.

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Sep 14, 2014
My mom the legend
by: Jane

Dear Rebaone, I have lost my mom 15 months ago, believe me, I know how you feel. Rebaone, you can´t just erase the time with your mom, and I think you don´t realy want to do it. You only want to erase the pain and the longing out of your heart. But that just belongs to a real big love, and it belongs also to the grieving. It is worse, I know. But somehow, we all going to make it. It takes time. Just live on day after the other. When you need a rest, just do it. Every one of us has to find his own way, what feels good by grieving. Like you write, there will be worse day and better days. But don´t forget, your Mom is with you all the time in your heart. Even we know our Moms don´t have to suffer anymore and they are now on a better place, it still hurts. That is love. If somebody dies you don´t love, or you don´t even know, you don´t feel this awful pain. But there a other People who are feeling the same way like we do it know. To loose a loveone is the worsest pain we can get. Just keep on going one day after the other and make your Mom to be proud of you. Like I hope one day my Mom is telling all People in heaven "Look, this little woman down there in the blue Jeans, this is my daughter. I have borned here. I love her so much and I am so proud of her thatshe didn´t give up. And one day we all will see our loveones again. May god comfort you. Much love by Jane

Sep 12, 2014
My mom the legend
by: Doreen UK

Rebaone You have cared for your mother and loved her and this is why your grief is so very painful. It matters not how positive we feel or think, we do have to go through this grief in order to heal from our loss. You will have as you say bad days and good days. Taking one day at a time you will find you get through those days and months, and notice that the healing process has started. You won't feel this pain every day. It will get less over time. You don't have to wonder how you will erase those 28yrs of being with the woman who gave you life and put her values in your to become the person you are today. Better to embrace the life your mother gave you with expectations of living your life the best way you can. The bad memories will die away in time and you will find the good memories stay and you will have these forever. Our mother's are the one's who rule the world when it comes to giving our children back to life and to live their independent lives, which is a mother's duty and privilege. I am now a mother doing the same thing and will have to endure the time I leave this world and my children will be in the same place as you. Grieving, Healing, and keeping the cycle of life going on. Live your life well and make your mother proud.

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