My Mom

by deb

My Mom died on October 11,2010. At first it was a relief because she was sick for so many years. I was her care giver. My Mom was my best friend, when she died I lost not only her but my faith. A few months after she past I started to feel the loss and it is sometimes overwhelming for me. My other family members are dealing with this better than me, and do not fully understand why I am still grieving. I sometimes feel so alone in this and just want the pain to go away.

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Apr 12, 2012
i'm lost with out my best friend my moma
by: pat

hi deb please ask god to renew your faith again and make you strong iknow thats what your dear mom would have wanted for you ; i lost my mom jan of 2012 too its been very hard for me to go back to work i cry my eyeball out every day; every thing reminds me of her i cant sleep without thinking of her she was so funny she would make us laugh when she think we're sad. she always knows when something is wrong she would encourage us remind us to pray and ask god for his blessings' she was aloving and caring mother . i miss talking with her i miss taking her out shopping i miss her hugs; her smile her way of saying [god bless you] she was strong but cancer was won. be strong and ask god for endurance

Apr 07, 2011
Your Mom
by: Tony

Deb, my mom passed away Feb. 1st of this year. I will always miss her, just as you will yours. There is not a day that goes by where I still cry, either in private or in public, almost in public anyways. I was a moma`s boy and always will. Just take a deep slow breath and try to relax, I haven`t been to relax myself, but am trying to think I did the best for her care. I was her caregiver just as you were. hugs always. Tony

Apr 07, 2011
Grief and Time
by: Bruce

Hi Deb,
I am No expert but can tell you, I lost my wife,
the Love of my life (we were married for 21 yrs, I knew her for 25+ yrs, in Jan 2010 to breast cancer. She was So ill. Please don't let anyone rush your grief process. I made that mistake. Your healing will come in it's own time. Those who try to rush in healing suffer immeasurable setbacks. Feeling sad is totally normal, I am very sad, much of the time. People, in general, don't want to see or hear of our sadness. I believe it is because they are afraid of death themselves. No one likes to face it. I was my wife's caregiver, and I saw her slip from this life, there was nothing she wanted more, than to live. Her fight for life taught me many lessons. Holding on to hope, was a major one. Please be well, and know you are not alone. If you ever need to reach out, you can look up "My Daisy" on a search. You will find my entry. Best wishes to you. Always hold your Mom in your Heart, and Never, ever, let anyone take that away from you. Take Care...

Apr 07, 2011
My Mom
by: Gloria

Deb, I feel your pain. Its been 8 months since my mother passed and the loss has not gotten any easier. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one grieving the loss of my mother but I know my brothers and sisters are to. Its the loneliness that is so hard. I wish I had some words of wisdom to say to you. Find your faith again and pray. I have a feeling that's all that will get us thru this difficult time.

Apr 07, 2011
The Pain Will Never Go Away
by: TrishJ

You will have the pain of your mother's death for the rest of your life. You grieve so hard because you loved her so much. Grief is the price we pay for loving so deeply. You will learn to appreciate and fondly remember that love as time goes by. Right now the wound is still fresh. Don't feel guilty about feeling relief. felt relief knowing that she is no longer in physical pain. Now you are in pain. You need to treat yourself as if you are recovering from an illness. Your "illness" is grief. Pamper good to yourself. Love yourself like your mother loved you. She would want you to be happy. Make her proud. The pain can be overwhelming at times. I'm still having many difficult days after my husband's death 4 months ago. I'm not planning anything major in my life for now. I'm just getting through the days until I can really see and feel the sun shining again. I doubted my faith after Joe's death. "How could God let this happen?" God has a plan for everyone's life from the date of their birth. If the situation were reversed and your mom had been your care giver (showed you such love in your final moments) you would want her to go on and find some happiness. She really is watching over you. Don't cause her anymore pain. Try to be happy in her memory. Blessings to you.

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