My Most Precious Susie

by Judith in California

You were the only kitty out of four that just would not live indoors. I brought you and Callie, Babybear and Tigger in and you just climbed to drapes until I had to relent and let you back out. That was 13 years ago. All of you were a family of strays living in the complex. At least I knew a neighbor was feeding you so I didn't stress over it and I continued to check on you weekly to see if you had food and give it to you when you didn't. I loved you all along. I loved your coloring and your beautiful face.

You finally showed up at my door after all those years and after Marley passed a year and a half ago. What a wonderful site that was. I began feeding you on my patio and put out a cat box to train you with hopes that I could get you in eventually. I watched as you became more used to it all and as you would still go back and forth to the neighbor you were trying to make up your mind as to who loved you most. I know I did. You never let me touch you so I had to sneak a few in but you were too fast and I'd only get the tip of your tail.

When the first hard rains came in November of 2012 I couldn't stand your being out there so I prayed real hard that God would send you in . When the rain stopped for a little while I put food out for you and I continued to pray for you to come in. Well, you stepped over the bowl and came right in. GOd in all his wisdom knew it was right. I promised him I would love and care for you as long as He let me.

You trusted me after only a few rubs and you never once showed any desire to ever go outside again. After 3 months you began sleeping on my bed and I knew you were happy. I rubbed you and told you I loved you and lost a lot of sleep but you were worth it.

After four months in and up until a week ago you were fine. Then you stopped eating your food but just licked the juice from it . The only thing you would eat was cat treats. I took you to the Doc Doc for the first time. You were so good and didn't fight or even meow in distress. I told you I was here to care for you. Doc Doc did blood work and said he'd call with the results. HE called today and said you had kidney failure. I knew I could not let you suffer the rest of your life with it and I had to make the terrible heartbreaking decision to let you go to Rainbow Bridge to be with Callie, Marley, Baby Bear and Tigger. All of you gone within two years time from one disease or another. So hard to go through.

I will so miss the comfort and love you showed to me Susie and will always love you too. It was God's will. He knew I would do what was best for you.

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Mar 29, 2013
Feeling so sad
by: Sandy

I am feeling very sad on reading about Suzie's demise.(and also of your other fur babies too). It is very difficult to part with ones pet (be it indoor or outdoor ones ). But whatever is destined will happen and we cannot do anything about it. You had consoled me on my POOCHIEGIRL s demise last year on 21st March 2012. What a coincidence that just like I had Poochie Girl with me for only 4 months as an indoor cat , you had Suzie for the same period with you though you used to care for her much longer. You are a guardian angel caring for the less fortunate strays.Such kind hearted people are rare. So nice of you to give love and affection to Suzie .May Suzie RIP . Take Care.

Mar 25, 2013
by: Debi M.

Judith -

I'm so sorry for your loss. What a great picture of Susie! Keep it near - she will always be with you.

From one animal lover to another - GOD BLESS YOU and Susie.

Debi M.

Mar 25, 2013
Precious Susie
by: Diane

Thank God for angels like you, you cared for those beautiful babies when no one else would. What a beautiful cat! What a wonderful tribute to her! Thirteen years is a wonderful long life, especially for one that lives out doors. Susie knew to come to you, why else did she finally trust you and come into the house? I know it was heartbreaking for you to love her enough to not let her suffer, but although it was so painful for you, I'm sure she was comforted by you being there.She knew she was loved, and that is the most wonderful gift of all. Please except my heartfelt condolences, and know your pain is shared by others here at this site. We all know the agony of losing a loved one and want to help. RIP beautiful Susie, wait at the Rainbow Bridge for your human family!

Mar 24, 2013
God Bless You Judith
by: Denise

You followed His leading and cared for little souls who would have not had an opportunity for a good life without you. You are incredibly kind. Susie knew this, which is why she agreed to 'come in' near the end of her life to be close to you. She must have known at some level she was ill, and trusted you would help her and, if needed, do the right thing for her.

Please take comfort in all the good you have done. St. Francis is smiling.

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