my mother my heart

by williesneed lll
(dallas ,texas)

my mother juila left this world and me in 2009 god took her from me and left me her with out her i think i have kiss my mother pic more then 500 time each time at 12;00 am why i dont know are some time i go to her grave site and talk to her when she left me i know that i would be by my self you see i have one brother and two sister that dont talk to me some day i want to go to her grave site and lay down next to her some day it hurt that bad my mother was ever thing to me i dont think she know to i miss her and i hurt for her some time i ask her why she want come back to me i hurt that bad some time some day i cry for her and i ask why some time i wish god would have took me and left her some time i dont know what to do the pain hurt so bad some time i fail to sleep i cant tell you when i went to sleep all i can say is i was getting up

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Dec 26, 2013
Feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I feel exactly like you. I lost my mom almost 5 years ago and I just feel alone. I cry at night for someone to help me understand but there is no one there. I just want you to know I understand if you need to talk send me comment.

Apr 19, 2013
my mother my heart
by: Doreen U.K

Williesneed I sympathise with your loss and how you feel just now so alone and lost and in such pain you can't bear it.
To lose a mother is the worst experience for a child/Adult child. WE will always need our mothers. But sadly they will die and leave us. To lose a mother can leave a child feeling so insecure, empty and lost and not know how to go on in life. You don't have a close relationship with your brother and sister's so this will make you feel like you lost the only person who cared for you. It feels like this now because you are in pain.
You need to speak to someone about how you feel. A doctor, a counsellor/therapist, social services if you are young. Just so you are not alone with your suffering. You need to do something other than just putting up with this pain each day. I have been locked into this type of pain where I couldn't bear to go on in life. I wanted to die. I went into counselling and got my life back. A MIRACLE. If you knew how much suffering I had. I never thought I would recover and find life. I couldn't see the point in living. But I do now. My mission now is to help people like you. To let you know that you can come out of this pain you are in and find a reason to live and go on in life. But you can't do it without support. If you had a counsellor you would be able to find out how you and your siblings are so divided. You would resolve this pain and may help you to move closer as a family and find a life worth living. I have 5 siblings. (brother and 4 sisters). We didn't get on. We didn't know how to? Our mother resolved all our disputes. We grew up and didn't know how to relate. We had to learn. We have a strong bond now and Love that we can support each other and find the comfort we need now in life after losing our mother. Life is hard. Difficult. You can even find God a real comfort and help in life. I have had God all my life. For me. There is no life without God in it. He helps me go on each day even when I don't feel like it after losing my husband to cancer almost one year ago. We will keep losing people, jobs, home, people from our life. But God is the one who can put everything back into life we have lost. In my life God has put people in my life, and taken people from my life. It confuses me sometimes but I understand some of it and just let God lead me where He wants me to go. Try and find your niche in Life. Take time to grieve the loss of your mom. One day things will get better. But you have to keep HOPING. Don't ever give up!

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