My Mother

by Kelli

Day 17. I am crying again. It seems I cannot go anywhere (even Target!) without something reminding me of her. Each time, it hits me like it is the first time I am hearing she has passed. It's not in my immediate thinking. I still think "I need to tell Mom about that when she calls" or "Maybe this weekend we can go visit her". I am 38 years old and feel like I am ten. I miss her so very deeply. And I don't know how to go on.

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Feb 22, 2009
Ur feelings
by: laura

Hey I know the feelings you are going through, my daddy committed suicide and I still am not over it and its been almost 4 months. I hate having these feelings but I miss him so much. There is so much that I look forward to doing and I remember my daddy is not here to do that with me. So I know the feelings you are having.

Feb 20, 2009
Our Moms
by: Sheila Joyce Gibbs

Oh yes......! Do I ever understand your feelings!

My dear Mom bailed me out of my 1st & 2nd marriages, that she had forbidden, and never once did she say "I told you so!" never. Helped me escape off the mainland, back to the Island where I was raised, and we had the best relationship ever for only three years.

I'd known since a little kid, that Mom couldn't swallow very well, and she was always the last to finish her meals. But I didn't know there was a cure for it, and it could be fixed, nor that she'd been on a waiting list for many years.

Then suddenly, she told me, happily, she was going in for this operation, and how excited she was. Except, she didn't tell me the seriousness of it, nor that there was a less than 50% chance of survival.

And then, almost as quickly as she helped me get away from the 2 miserable sods I'd married,
'Poof'...................She was gone!
Gone.........................Just gone.........!!
Sometimes, I can't believe that phoning her with the tiniest problem, just can't be done! Ever!!
Yes........I know just how you feel.............!

But having said that, I must share with you this:

About 4 yrs. after Mom passed away to join my Dad,
I married the only man that she'd more or less recommended. And she was so right, he was a Saint! But 3 days before our 3rd Anniversary, he joined my Parents in Glory.

Our Doctors told me: "You better get a new Will written up, right away!", as they didn't think I'd make it 6 mos to a year. Well that was 22 months ago, and I'm still here !! But feeling very left behind......!

About 3 months after my hubby (Gary) had gone, I was feeling so unloved and unwanted, because I was
still alive! Balled my eyes out, so by the end of the day, I thought God Himself didn't want me either!!

So I'm in bed, sobbing my heart out, when all of sudden, I urgently sat upright..... saw at the foot of our bed, left to right, my hubby Gary, my Mom and then my Dad, looking slightly angry....!!!

Then they all said together, each one shaking their left hand at me "You ARE wanted !!!" And then they were gone, instantly !

So, remember, your Mom's love is stronger now, because she has her youthful, healthy body back, and lives with the King of Kings & Lord of Lords in Glory !

There's no pain or sorrow or tears - never ever!
They are safe & secure forever more!!

While I feel just like you do 99.99% of the time, I just remind myself, that those three special angelic gifts from God, as that's what they all are to me, are waiting anxiously for my arrival!!

All my love and my prayers tonight will be for you!

Take care my dear - write me anytime you need to!

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