My mother!

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 2. She died when I was 8 years old. I recently just went through my first prom this year im a freshman and I still look back on that day and wonder how I ever got through it. Thats how I feel after ever milestone in my life. You look at all the other girls and watch their mothers make a huge fuss over them and you sit there and think.... Wow I want my mom. I also I love the girls and women that try to relate I love how you try and make me feel better, but I have not yet found a story that says my mother had cancer and died before I could even really know her. have heard my mother died when I was 16 or 15. Just think there are worse things your mother watched you grow up and you knew her. I grew up with only knowing how a hospital works and my mother sick all the time. I didnt know my dealt mother but I know she was the strongest bravest mother I know. She left 5 kids and a husband we are a very very messed up family and thats okay. Your always going to want your mother no matter what I say it everyday I want my mom. The closest you can get is pictures. You won't get over this but the pain hurts less and less its been 7 years and I still ask myself how I made it through that but I did remember your strong for even going through this.

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