My mother......My everything

by pradeen chetty
(South africa)

My name is Pradeen, I will be 32 years old on the 24th May 2012. On the 16th April 2002, my 41 year old mother was shot and killed by a family friend.....he has been on the run and in hiding ever since then.....ten years have passed, to this day, I still do not know why he killed her.....she was at her brother's home when he killed her and since that day, my heart has been broken. My mother touched my life in ways she nor anyone else would ever be able to's my tenth birthday without my mother......sometimes, people say that it gets easier with time, they obviously do not know what they are talking doesn't get any easier, it gets harder......I have 3 children, and 1 step son, my mother will never get to know them and love them, they will never get to know this woman who was larger than life.....who would love them uncoditionally as she loved me.....I am the only proof that my mother walked thsi earth, I am all that is left of her....cos 5 years after her murder, my 18 year old brother died.....and they just left me birthday is 2 days away.....I just want to crawl up into a hole and cry my heart out, but being a working mom is difficult, I cant just fall apart when I feel like, so I keep it together, I keep myself together for as long as possible...... i miss her smile, her voice, her no-nonsense-attitude on life and parenting......I miss her so much, it hurts so much and there are days, when I cant keep it is one of those of those weeks, one of those months, where nothing will make me feel better other than the loving arms of my mom!

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May 22, 2012
Restoration for peace
by: Linda

Pradeen, No on can understand the depth of your loss as you. However, there is a God that knows all about it. He deliberately gave up the life of His son so that we could all come to him to share our sorrows and joy. There aren't any words to express that can fulfill that void that you have in your life but know and believe that God cares. Give it all to God and He will lead you to a well that will replenish your thirst. Your mother will always be with you. Your children can and will know your mother through the memories that you share with them that will begin the healing process. I know it is hard as you enter another birthday celebration without her physical presence. But, believe by reaching deep inside your heart where she filled you with this unconditional love that mothers share that her spiritual presence is always available as you spring forward. I feel the love you have for your mother is just as unconditional as the love that God has for His children. It's unconditional because no matter what we do, He's able to forgive us when we just ask. Forgiveness is the key for unconditional love. If God had not loved us so much, He would not have forgiven Adam and Eve for violating His law that put us all in our sinful state whereas He had to send (Love) His only begotten son to restore and re-establish what was demolished by Sin. I know it's hard when someone has taken from you what you loved more than life but remember life is in the giving and restoration of things. My gift to you for your up-coming birthday is restoration of love, peace and joy in your life by forgiving those who have stolen these things from you. Win this battle by not becoming another victim of satans deceptive tools:anger destroys. Don't even think that someone is getting away with the sin because there is a God restores justice. Love, love, and love. See the joy of love in your children for your mother that she may continue to live on in the vines she has produced. Don't destroy the branches by the love she has instilled in you. Love, peace and blessing from a friend through Christ Jesus.

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