My multiple death experience. Aka nightmare that I have not woken up from

by Aprel
(California )

My Paternal Aunt died At the end of dec 2011 and was buried mid jan of 2012 of illness. My Dad died July 6 th. my brother killed him. Horrifying to say the least. In the only sibling and my dad was divorced. I was the one to take care of everything through this emotional shock and terror. Then my paternal grandma that was like a mon to me snd helped raise me died beginning November. Then my maternal grandpa died the day after Thanksgiving. I have grieved so heavily my heart hurts so bad. I just want this year to be over and find peace. I don't think I will understand especially my dads tragic death hurts so much and I miss and love him so much I cannot believe he's really dead. It doesn't sem real. He was too young to die leaving behind me and my 4 yr son.

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Dec 04, 2012
My multiple death experience. Aka nightmare that I have not woken up from.
by: Doreen U.K.

Aprel I am sorry for all the losses you have endured. The loss of your Aunt, Dad, and grandparents. Because you have lost 4 people so suddenly and your father to a sudden tragic death you could benefit from seeing a grief counsellor for support. You need to grieve each loss well. It is too much for you to handle all on your own. Multiple deaths can cause depression if it is not resolved.
You have also lost a brother. Since he murdered your Dad you won't see him when he goes to prison. You are in the most painful place to be. You need many supportive family members and friends to surround you and help you through this grief. You have lost quite a large chunk of your immediate family. You can't rush your grief. I lost my husband to cancer 7 months ago and I feel as if I haven't woken up to the reality of him being dead. You will feel as if this is a nightmare ongoing for some time which is why you need the support of a counsellor. I hope you get the support you need to help you with your grief and sorrow. You are in a very hard place right now. Your Dad meant a lot to you. Your pain at the way he died will be unbearable. It is sad when anger gets out of control and someone dies as a result. Proving it was accidental and not premeditated will be especially hard to hear if you are in the court. You also have to process your feelings towards your brother. A counsellor will work with you to try to resolve some of these issues so you can go through life better.

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