my nan died recently and now strange things are happining in my house.

by Jenna-Louise
(united kingdom)

My nan before she died use to give me pauslin dolls anyway i put them up facing straight at the wall, i went downstairs to have a cup of tea then came back upstairs and my 3 paulslin dolls fell over and the rest were facing the window:/ this scaired me alot... also when i had my boyfriend over.. my t.v was off remote was under the bed and the light was off..i came in my bedroom with my boyfriend and my t..v turnt on and played mine and his song. also recently i heard a bang on my window and my teddy bear go flying accross the room then i heard a young girl scream and even my kitten princess jumped :( it was soo scary and i ive only just been exspearining these things since my nan has died. theres been times when my phone light goes on. when it never happand before my nan passed.. so spirits are real and my nan is with me and always will be. i just wish she let me sleep and not scaire me with moving things in my house :( r.i.p nanny <3

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