my nana

by summer

OK so you now what sucks about loosing someone that u love so much there in a better place but your here picking up all the pies of whats happen its like you cant go on with life it feels like i will never be happy and that sucks to thank . because i just wont to be happy again but i cant i have so much pain in me its not even funny. and people tell me i am strong but i am not because if i was i could get over loosing my Nana its been like 8 months since she died and i am still cant get over it or be happy i just wont ever tang go back to how it was her here hugging me kissing me telling me everything OK me being happy and not sad . how do u go on i pray over night and day it will . i wont to be happy again so bad how do i get over this kinda pain.

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Dec 06, 2012
my nana
by: Doreen U.K.

Summer You are in deep pain and sorrow from losing your nana and you are calling out desperately for help. You need to see a grief counsellor urgently since you are in a desperate way after 8 months. You say you want to be happy again. It is because all this grief is in the way stopping you. The sooner you let someone help you work through your grief the quicker you will get back to the way you want to be in life. We all feel stuck in grief and find it hard to move beyond our tears and crying every day. But for some people this is normal and not at all wrong. We each handle grief differently according to our life's experiences with the loved one we lost. Grief is such unbearable pain we feel we will never recover from this. There is no shame in needing skilled help. I used this many years ago and I am in a stronger better place today. You may also develop skills to help you throughout life and you will find yourself being able to handle losses in the future that doesn't devastate you. Often a death of someone we have loved so much triggers off other unresolved feelings which will affect your grief. Counselling will address these difficulties. You will never go back to feeling the way you do now. I hope it all works out for you to get the support you need now and that life will get better for you in the days ahead. Best wishes

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