My "New" Life

by Ginger
(North Florida)

I lost my sweet precious daughter last September. She was 23 years old, married less than one year. She was also my best friend. Her death was sudden, due to negligence of a doctor. I could not function at first and even had to quit my job. I tried "letting go" of the grief, I tried putting it out of my mind. I finally accepted the fact that I am two people. The one person before her death, and the one that I am now. I don't want to forget the past, I just don't want to live in it. That was posted on this site and I think that phrase only is helping me. I am a different person now, not that I wanted to become who I am now. I am trying daily to live for the present and the future, knowing that I will see her again one day. I posted a picture of me and her walking out on a pier on her favorite beach. If you could photoshop that picture and erase the pier and replace it with a bright shinning light, I think I would caption that picture "Renunion in Heaven". It makes me comforted to see that picture. This is the first I have been able to post. I read and pray for all of these posts almost daily. I know if I had posted, I would be receiving prayers too. I should have, but my grief was to intense. I hope this may help someone who is reading this. I continue through this process of grief. I can never be the same, but I can be someone who my daughter would be proud of.

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Oct 09, 2011
I am sorry for your loss..
by: Anonymous

I lost my 26 yr. old daughter two yr's ago in an awful car accident. She left behind a beautiful five yr. old little girl. I MISS her more than words can even begin you well know. I am trying my best to move forward. Not to forget but to make the best life I can. I have anger within in me that I recently have just started feeling. It may sound crazy that Now two yr's later I am feeling this anger. I can't or wouldn't ever expect anyone to EVER understand my loss besides those of you who are here. People mean well, but no one wants to hear about your endless heartache. The overwhelming pain that engulfs every part of your soul. Why would they? No one wants to be a part of this club. I am tired of feeling guilty for not wanting to celebrate things like the old days. I want to SCREAM and tell those that have their families intact COUNT YOUR BLESSSINGS!! I want to be left Alone...I am tired of always feeling like this. I wish you PEACE and pray that one day you may find it.

Jun 06, 2011
new life
by: Kay

I am so sorry that you have lost your beautiful daughter..I know just how you feel .I lost my 23 year old son last year .I definately agree we have to become different people to what we were before our loss.We can never be the same.We learn to live a new life,that isnt what we feels uncomfortable and not quite right.At times it is hard to carry on .I personally am looking forward to joining my son when my time is due.Please take care of yourself and know that you are not alone.I send you love and

Jun 04, 2011
New Life?
by: Anonymous

I hate my "new" life. I lost my beloved son last August. He too was only 23 years old. He was a wonderful brave kid. He battled illness for two years and made me so proud. I hope he and your daughter have met in Heaven and are watching over us.

Jun 04, 2011
This New Life
by: Anonymous

I hope you are surrounding yourself with good people who actually care about you and understand what you are going through. This grief thing is so hard. It really takes work to get through it.
Yesterday marked the 6 month anniversary of the death of my husband of 37 years. Part of me wants to sit and cry and tune out the entire world. Part of me knows I have to try to go on. He would want me to.
It's hard to imagine our loved ones being in another place. I want to touch my husband, hold his hand, hear the sound of his voice.....and I can't do that. I miss him so much.
I will say a prayer for you. Losing your daughter is more than any mother's heart should have to bear. She is in a better place and you will see her again someday. This we must believe. God has a purpose for everyone's life. It's so hard for us to understand why he takes such wonderful people from us. I pray that we both come to understand his decisions.
God bless. Try to find some joy today. Sometimes it pops up when we least expect it.

Jun 04, 2011
i am sorry
by: Brenda

How does are pain go away it never ends by night are day.I just keep going and move though the day.the days are hard with tears and the cloud never never move,they stay dark and sold like a storm in the night.

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